PUKASKWA July 2005


Pronunciation: According to the Indians, Puck-a-saw

Got a call from son Gary explaining that he planed to take some vacation time and was planning on going up Pukaskwa and asked if we would like to join him. After talking it over for four and half minutes we said sure when you leaving? We would like to leave tomorrow- Friday, or Saturday depending on work.. Big gulp, hung-up the phone and start packing. Did I mention Gary said he'd like make it in one day drive and be able to setup in the light. I ran out of fingers computing the drive time used up one foot and a big toe as well, to come close to estimating our travel time.

Final word, Saturday morning departure so we can be there early enough to setup in the light. Finished packing 6:30 pm Friday, had dinner (sandwich), and left for Gary's house by 8:30 pm. so we would have an hour jump on tomorrows departure.

Saturday July 30 2005

Everything is normal, up for the 5 am departure and we left a 6:30 am! We took granddaughter Emma in our rig for the uneventful drive to the Big Mack Bridge. We made one lunch snack stop just north of Grayling and another snack stop in Mackinaw City. Crossing the Big Mack was no problem except for Gary hanging outside his rear window taking pictures of the trailing Greyhawk. (our rig) as we crossed the Big Mack. It must of been a sight because a lady in the car next to us was taking a picture of Gary. Of course the first few pictures must have been bad cause he hung out the window most of the way across the bridge.

Next stop was a fuel stop in Sault Ste. Marie. Going into Canada was no problem but the traffic coming into the USA were abominable. The line strung from our customs, across the two bridges, through their ticket booth and around one block. Groan! what a wait, we'll have plan our return time carefully to avoid the long delay.

Now for one more quick stop at super Wal Mart, on the north side of Sault Ste. Marie Canada, and were on our way through some of the most breathtaking landscape this side of the Rocky's. Were better than halfway at this point and it's about 1:30 pm. so that means we've been on the road for about seven hours. Extrapolating that out we should be in Pukaskwa by seven-thirty this evening. beautiful winding roadway through hilly rocky country. The lush green countryside is thick with balsa, spruce and various other conifers. The drive is mostly along the Lake Superior Shoreline dotted with huge boulders and very few tourist. 

We stopped in Wawa to over-stuff ourselves with a good "Subway" sandwich. Of course a little gift shopping and a little photo-shoot at the Big Goose.

 It's getting on towards evening now as we stopped again. This time it's the Sand River a real fun spot where you can play in the water amongst huge rocks and fun water falls along with pockets and pools of water to play in.

Back in the vehicle as darkness fills the sky. Signs say 180 kilometers. Dang that's two hours of driving, where did the day go. Well it's serious driving from now on. Fortunately for us were way far north and the daylight is about hour longer. We pulled into Pukaskwa a little after ten, Gary set up their camper by 10:30. (very little light). Thank goodness for MGD!

Sunday July 31, thru Thursday August 4, 2005

What a nights sleep, cool fresh and very very quite. Sunrise on Hattie's Cove , first thing in the morning a walk to the beach and a short hike around the peninsula to get acquainted, spectacular views in every direction. If your an out doors person  who loves the peace and quite of the forest, or hiking, swimming, and canoeing in unexplored nooks and crannies of rocky coves, Pukaskaw is the place! Here you can walk beaches overpopulated with driftwood. Or as my granddaughter Emma said "This must be a driftwood cemetery." (because of all the dead wood). Swim in the frigid waters of Lake Superior. And, hike the rocky hills.  Here blueberries grow everywhere and in abundance, they're very small but plentiful, it only takes a minute to pick a handful. Two old folks take a break while hiking the hills. Climbing around on the rocky hills can be precarious

Gail and Mom are off to do some exploring on their own, gramps baby-sits. After a successful launch they navigate their way across Hattie's Cove. Emma's real concerned.  Afterwards a swim in Hattie's Cove.

The weather was absolutely perfect for this week. Here we all go for another walk across the beach to the hills and rocky passages. There are many hiking trails here from an hour to several days and everything in between. Bear! you bet. The only ones we've seen we had to drive to their habitat, the city dump. The nearest town is Marathon with a thousand population and two good ice cream stores. The bears were huge here obviously well fed. This little bit of heaven is well well worth your visit if your any kind of outdoors person. This is our second trip here and I'm sure well return again. With the sun setting on Horseshoe bay it's again time to head home.