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December 15, Thursday 2016 - St Clair Shores, MI
What a summer! Not excessively hot but continuously hot all summer long, as fall approached October and half of November were very warm and nice. 
    Middle of November brought Consumer's Power, local natural gas company, out to change all the gas line piping in our seven block area. New plastic mains and then plastic to each home, (pics.) They finish up on our street on the 15th of December, a few days after our first snow storm of the year, 10" of the white stuff.
     Starting to think seriously about heading south now. I'm ready, Bindi's ready, the camper is ready, but Grandma is still shuffling about thinking Christmas Christmas Christmas, like they don't have Christmas in the South!
     Talked with Emily this evening, she is looking for somewhere to spend a winter week. "Come on down we can squeeze you in," "For real?" Sure, we'll be in Harlingen. Received this text an hour later "I have my ticket!" 

December 18, Sunday 2016 - St Clair Shores, MI
Well a week ago we had 9" to 10" of the white stuff that I shoveled "by hand" three times, and on the forth effort Glenn came by with his blower and finished off the job. Now this passed Friday evening another 3" to 5" of snow, along with continuing freezing temperatures. (With no letup in the foreseen future.)  This morning we had a 9º start of the day, we are up to 24º at noon.

December 24, Saturday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Christmas Eve at our place. Emily came in a little early and asked "Gramps is it ok if I ask roommate Ashley to come along to Texas with me." "Sure no problem she's fun to have along." A few  minutes go by and I asked "Aren't you going to text Ashley?" reply "No she all ready bought her ticket." I guess she knows her Grandpa huh.
     No more little ones, our youngest grandchild just finished her first semester at Michigan Tech and is home enjoying the Christmas season. We are blessed having all five of our grandchildren sharing Christmas with us. This may be hard to understand but with no young ones around our oldest grandson, Tyler a  recent graduate from Western, said he would be Santa. We've always had tons of laughs with Santa and this year was no exceptions (vid.) I think a good time was had by all!   (pics)

December 25, Sunday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Nice dinner with Daughter-in-law Susan and her sister Lisa along with the Grandchildren. Next, finished the evening with a visit at Craig and Barb's.

December 26, Monday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Happy 57th year Anniversary Bob & Carol
Rain and warm all day, snow is finally all  gone, freezing weather again tomorrow.

December 27, Tuesday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     All Christmas decorations are down AND the packing-up begins....

December 28, Wednesday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Interrupted packing to visit Steph's new apartment along with her dad, Glenn. We all went to the Eastern Market for Brunch at Milano Bakery & Cafe, Outstanding!

December 29, Wednesday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Packing packing....

December 30, Friday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI 
     Got together with Nick and Patti at the Masters for a farewell dinner. They will be leaving Sunday and have planed a little different path south this year. I think we'll be on the Trace again this year. It's just such an easy drive especially since I'm in the passenger seat.

December 31, Saturday 2016 - St. Clair Shores, MI to Shephardsville KY Grand-ma's RV at $32.   396 miles gas $2.24
Good start this morning we were on the road at 9:30 am. temperature was 39°, sky was heavy overcast, and we had light traffic all day. We had strong headwind all the way through Ohio, killing our gas mileage. 
     First sop as always was I-75 exit 11, we stop here just to recheck the vehicles to make sure everything is in order 
before we get to far along. Mom had coupon for buy one get one free breakfast at McDees, (which is right next to the empty parking lot we navigate to.) 
     We drove through light showers for the last hour before arriving at Grandmas RV at 5:30 pm.  When we pulled in another couple pulled in at the same time. As we were both connecting up he asked where you from? St. Clair Shores I replied. So are we. 12 mile and Little Mack I said, he came back, 10 and Harper. I introduced my self  Bob & Carol and he counter Jerry & Janet this is our first time going to Florida for the winter. Small world Huh.
     Our temperature this evening is a mild 45
° at 10:30 pm. We should be in mid Mississippi tomorrow

January 1, Sunday 2017 Shephardsville KY Meriwether/Lewis Campground TN free   227 miles gas $2.02
     Happy New Year!
Cloudy & Mild this morning with NO wind. We were on the road about 9:30 am. and since gas was running $2.39 2.49 in Kentucky though I should have enough fuel to reach Tennessee, we did, got filled at $2.02.
     As we we're driving south on I-65 nearing Nashville, Talking with Mom I said Nick usually jumps on the Natchez Trace south of Nashville because he feels the beginning of the Trace is too hilly and curvy. We never though that but wanted to see if his route was a time saver or what ever. To get there, the first 40 miles was I-65 so on a Sunday that wouldn't be too bad, but this is New Years day and we had to go by the stadium, yep football day. We exited for Columbia and you want to talk about curvy, hilly, stop lights, lots more than the Trace for sure We did enjoy some very nice horse farms and subdivisions. I'm sure in the future we'll start at the beginning of the Trace missing all of Nashville traffic and enjoy more mother nature on the Trace.
     We did have a minor inconvenience, about two mile before where we were to enter the trace we hit a road block 'South bound Trace closed take Detour.' That added about 2 miles to our path but took us right to the entry to the Meriwether-Lewis Campground.
     Happy to receive a call from Uncle Ed this evening, wishing us a Happy New Year. He said Ed closed the shop for the holidays so he's been home taking it easy and enjoying family. He thinks that's what retirement must be like.
     Little does he know how much time you don't have when you retire. 

January 2, Monday 2017 Meriwether/Lewis Campground TN to Tupelo MS whopping 120 miles
     Mild evening didn't get below 65
° inside, outside read 59°. Walked Bindi this morning and talked with a couple of the other campers. A Canadian couple in a class B said they were on their way to Curling competition in Las Vegas. I said how interesting my middle son took his family curling this past week "He must be getting ready for the match." hmmm. 
     Started out with a mild overcast morning that cleared to sunshine after 60 miles. They must have just resurfaced the Trace, as of yet, no center line. It was great driving, so much so that when Mom said can I dive, I said in Minute. I got so excited about the sunshine that I drove off the road, just on to the shoulder that wasn't there. And of course it's been raining over the past few day so needless to say I went down about 4". Before I could jerk it back on to the road we have mud everywhere,
     We pulled into the Trace visitors center to look things over and decided we may as well spend the night here so I could clean the mess. Barns Crossing RV is just around the corner so I called and explained my muddy condition and he said sure wash up here.  
     Washed out the heavy mud chunks stuck in the PT's grill and the camper bumper (pic.) Mom said there is a nice Mexican restaurant just down the street, so I disconnected and we hit Rita's where they had Margaritas 2 for the price of one. Drinks were real good tonight as well as was the food.
     Settled in for the night when the rain came for a couple hours.

January 3, Tuesday 2017 Tupelo MS to Vidalia LA  River View RV PA $21  - 340 miles gas $2.28
     Warm weather, nice all day. Easy drive Mom did the first half the day. We ended up camping on the banks of the Mississippi River just across from Natchez MS. Pulling into River View RV temperature outside is 74
°. It stayed warm all evening, but a cold front is marching towards us.

January 4, Wednesday 2017   Vidalia LA to Bolivar TX -  Bolivar Peninsula RV $19 PA  287 miles  gas $2.08
     Happy Birthday Glenn.  Good drive day slight tail winds all day long. We got to Bolivar about 4 pm. I think this tail wind from the north is bring lower temperatures. This cold front keeps getting closer but today is still nice so we're booking for two days. Talked with family & friends this evening.

January 5, Thursday 2017   Bolivar TX  
     Happy Birthday Larry.   Weather is still holding, took a drive around the local area then went over to Galveston. Walked the "Strand" (old town main street) took some pictures. (pics.) Kind of a fun day. Came home to a delicious cooked pot roast, then washed the camper cause I was so energized.  

January 6, Friday 2017   Bolivar TX  to  
     Happy Birthday Ron. High winds this morning high wind warnings till 6:00 am Saturday morning, may sit tight today, we'll see how the day goes. I posted a few more local pictures this morning. (pic
     Investigating the weather, we're in store for a record cold snap. Winds subsided some what but did blow all day. Carol talked with Bev, near Harlingen, who said their weather was the same as we are having, so we decided so spend another night here. The locals are looking for recorded low of 30
° tonight.
     The only outside we did today was to walk Bindi who seemed to think the weather was OK.

January 7, Saturday 2017   Bolivar TX  to  Port Aransas TX - Nueces CP $25   220 miles gas $2.07
Mom woke me at 7:45 saying we have no power. Short investigation revealed  area wide power outage. Ran generator to be sure everything still works for us, OK. Went out to disconnect water line found hose froze in place. Use hot water to resolve issue. In house pump works so everything operational for us. Mom called the office, said area power outage power will be restored at 9:30.  Had breakfast and boom at 9:30 power was back on. Brought the water hose inside to soften it up so I could coil it for storage.
    Bright sunshine and above freezing temperatures now. On the road by 11:00, with a slight tail wind. Mom was on the phone with Brenda while we we're driving, and learned Brenda's sister past away. They were in Abilene TX to visit with her and upon arrival there was no answer at the door. Entering they discover Brenda's sister Ruth deceased. They'll be spending the next several months in Abilene settling the estate as Brenda is the closest living relative. Sad news to learn, Dick and Brenda will be in our prayers.   
    We pulled into Nueces County Park early evening and found only a few empty spaces. Usually at this time of the year the park is relatively empty, they did have 80
° temperatures leading into this weekend, I'm guessing that's why the crowd. At 40° there is no one on the beach this evening.

January 8, Sunday 2017   Port Aransas TX - Nueces CP 
Sun has returned. After a over breakfast talk, we decided to stay here a couple more days. Took Bindi to the beach for her walk, cold breeze bright sun 49° we only lasted a couple hours. I think I counted six of us on the beach. Oh yes, plus the four or five surfboarders, burrr. We did collect some more shells.
    Later in the afternoon we drove to the shipping channel serving Corp Christi, as I remember it's the second busiest in the nation. Watched the Pilot boat go out and then waited for a tanker to come in (pic.) Did some bird watching as well, or I should say that watched us (pic.) Funny watching these birds, a fisherman 100' away, lifted the rear lid of his pickup which aroused their curiosity for some 50 or 60 birds hovering over him. Then he rose his hand in a waving motion to shoo them, which brought another 200 birds in. His final hand thrust upward must of startled them because they lifted about 10 foot higher. Then we watch him go to his cab through something to the ground as far as he could then spend the next five minutes wiping his hair with a towel.    

    Finished the 56° evening with our first seasonal visit to What A Burger's.

Little PS. We are camped in an ATT phone dead area for the next day or two.   

January 9, Monday 2017   Port Aransas TX - Nueces CP 
Finally, Sun and warm all day along. Too hot to walk the beach in a sweatshirt. Spent the morning walking the beach and fishing wall (pic.) Midday checked out the Nature Trail on the bay, very quiet, nothing moving except us. (pic.) This trail is close to the area where they store the enormous oil platforms (pic.) Afterwards had dinned at Cancun Mexican Restaurant, good Mexican food. Laundry in the evening and that's the day.        

January 10, Tuesday 2017 -  Port  Aransas TX - Nueces CP 
Happy Birthday Bill!   We had trouble with our AT&T service, here at thee park, since we arrived. Stopped at the AT&T store today and learned that they are updating their cell towers in this area hence the problem. Don't know when things we be done.
    Took the ferry to Rockport this afternoon for Mom's Wal Mart fix. Got Bindi walked in the morning and then again in the evening. Windy this evening a front go through? Late this it looks like our phones are work now.
Tomorrow our last leg of our journey, San Benito here we come. Looking forward to seeing John & Anita tomorrow at Fun N Sun!

January 11, Wednesday 2017 -  Port  Aransas TX - to San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14  168 miles Gas  
Like Anita said I should have left Wednesday because the breeze was out of the north. Today stiff winds out of the south 28 mph all day, it was a long 168 mile drive. We got checked in to Fun N Sun around 3 pm. We disconnected the car at the gate and Mom drove to the site and I followed in RV. Because the site is quite confined I had to jockey back forth several times to get parallel with the cement pad. Mom was helping out in the back with the instructions "If I'm getting close to anything shout out." Every so slowly I'm proceeding sooo slowly watching the cement pad in my passenger mirror, (said to my self I'm going back for some time now) so I look in driver side mirror and see a 6' water geyser splashing all over. I look in the passenger mirror nothing, listen carefully nothing, then Mom appears in the mirror with both hands up. "You got to be kidding."
     We called the office, Lupe was sent out and repairs we completed in about half hour. All the neighbors, the office and everyone seemed to take it very well. The common phrase was "Some things just happen." We've been motor-homing since 1992, 27 years and this is the first our major mishap.
     Talked with Nick & Pati this evening, they have two more nights before they are in the Valley. Nick's water pump went out, repairman said it had froze up and broke. Nick told him he blew out all the water lines. Repairman said you should always use the pink stuff because water will still accumulate in the low areas even after the blowing out.
     Walked over to John & Anita's to have a much desired drink! John poured a couple of stiff ones then we sat and talked for a couple hours catching up. Later we all went for a bite to close the day. 

January 12, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Square dancing first thing this morning, then lunch with Nick & Dee (caller & wife) and John Anita. We did Cracker Barrel. We talked for some time before heading out.
    Went over to near by Time Warner now called Spectrum, to get connection for wifi. They could not fine our site at Fun N Sun but would check out the problem and call me ( I was still on their computer from last year?.) Well after getting back to the camper our lovely neighbor Charlene stopped by and insisted I use her wifi pass word. I was out side removing the hitch from the car she had no idea I went for or was looking for wifi when she just came over and offered me her wifi? It's super nice to be near and know such a beautiful person.
     Over at the Rec Hall they had Bingo tonight, not the most exciting thing to do, but fun to see what others enjoy. After bingo was over John & Anita went with us to, a newly build/replacing the old, McDonald's. We had a little snack when Anita found they charge her full price for a senior drink. They got so excited about this error they gave us all a free ice cream sundae. 
     High temperature today was 86

January 13, Friday 2017 - San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Sea The World SCUBA Center's web page has been down for some time. I got involved with the hosting company and their subcontractor as well as the IP provider to get repairs done. Started at 8:00 am with tech support at three different handlers and at 11:00 am I hung up the phone and all is working fine now. What did you expect it's Friday the 13th!
     Got together with John & Anita and ran some errands, had to stop at AT&T to see why Mom's i-phone only rings for some calls others go directly to voice mail? It was a five second fix. There is a setting named "Do not disturb" that when it's on the phone will not disturb you, it is now off. We're happy again. 
     After the errands we lunched at Chapita's which in now operating under new ownership. All the same employees and they promised nothing will change.
     This evening we danced at Lakewood, caller Nick Harley brought in caller Bronc Wise ( Jerry Story's replacement.) We enjoyed the dance, he's a very good caller and both callers seemed to enjoy themselves making it fun for everyone. We had initially thought of joining them after the dance at a restaurant but at 9:00 pm none of us four were hungry so we decided to visit at our place with coffee and conversation.
     It seems like we've been running every since we arrived, Tomorrow our schedule is blank so maybe I can get the car and Bindi washed. I also have some mud in the PT's grill  and on the bikes. That should fill my day tomorrow. hmmm   

January 14, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Nice day for relaxing, low key stuff most all day. Organized the lower outside compartments, sprayed around the camper for bug prevention, Bindi & the car are washed. 
     Met up with John & Anita made a drugstore run, then stopped at McDonalds for a salad lunch. Had to have an ice cream sundae as well as they were only 50¢.
     Played some cards with J&A in the evening and was telling them We've recently heard from Nasser Shukayr and talk about how he was doing. Anita said "Next time you talk with him say  Hi from us, and tell  we wish him well." I explained he follows us on line so mission accomplished. 
     Played with this page a little, installed a "Feedback" link at the top of the page. We'll see how that goes.

January 15, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Quiet day, did go to 'What A Burger' for lunch then John took us for a ride to see Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge area. That is the largest nearby Refuge and we've never toured it, driven by it but though it was small. The has a seven mile tour loop in addition to the many short walking trails. We are looking forward to doing that for a day outing.
     This being Sunday, we got back in time for the ice cream social and free entertainment. This social thing is kind of fun to watch, they serve 400 to 500 folks in less than twenty minutes. Entertainment was a couple playing musical instruments and singing, I gave the performance a C+ rating. (of course if they were compared to my ability it would rate an A+)
     Got an Email from Caller Errol who shared some sad news, Michigan Caller Art Bentley's health is declining and is suffering with server Dementia, he still has some good days.

January 16, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Monday's Schedule  - Fun N Sun's Computer Club has done a great job on their web site Fun N Sun, browse around and see all the happenings.
     Invited J&A to joins us at Chick Fil A for a salad lunch, after which a trip to Hobby Lobby was necessitated by some important reason (I'm sure.) 
     Relaxed till the evening show at the Rec Hall. From the city of McAllen their High School percussion band came down to perform for us and what a performance it was. The kids were fun and when it ended they received a nice long standing ovation. Took a video of their last song (vid.) Fun fun fun..   

January 17, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Early start to the day, walked Bindi, gassed the car and by 9:30 we were on our way to Lakewood RV Park for square dancing. Fun time with Nick Hartley calling to ten squares of dancers. During the breaks the girls decided that the 24th Winter Texan Expo 2017 was an event we had to visit. So after the dance, in place of lunch we rushed the thirty miles to McAllen Convention Center. Best part was the free admission, and the entertainment. Jeff Gordon was singing while we did our walking isle by isle. Jeff Gordon is good, he'll be singing at the Fun N Sun tonight and he's worth the $10 at the door price, you can check him out here Jeff Gordon.
     Finally we are driving again this time looking for Willies, a restaurant in Alamo where you pay $8 for a baked potato. It's better then it sounds. You get one giant stuffed Potato covered with shredded brisket, cheese, onions, and soaked with  BBQ sauce and more I'm sure. It is more than a meal, it's stuff ya. Everyone took some home except one of us...

January 18, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Mom tackled the car's interior, cleaning as needed, while I installed a new water filter in house. Shortly after I finished installing the water filter Mon tells me she has no water, I'm running around checking of all my connections then out side to find no water coming in. Went over and checked the neighbor's, no water. Area wide water outage for the rest of the day, city problem.
     Since a weather front moved through and dropped temperatures to the low 60's we went to Wendy's for a cup of chili. They are predicting two fronts to move through in one day over the weekend, so we are looking forward to some big swings in temperature and high winds.      

    John & Anita are flying out of town for a few days, their granddaughter's hockey season is winding down and plan to catch a game. They'll be leaving tomorrow so we went over and played some cards to winding down the dry day.

January 19, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Dancing this morning, here at the Dance Hall. Four squares, we had a lot of laughs and lot of fun. This is the day John & Anita are flying to Minneapolis to see their daughter's hockey game. They want to be at the airport  by 2:00 pm so we elected not to lunch with the group which worked out good time wise.
     We drove straight home from the airport, on the way Mom said she was feel like a cold was coming on, said she was very tired.
When we got home around 3 pm Mom took some cold medicine and jumped in bed and there she stayed till 3 pm Friday.               
     I did some small stuff around the camper, programmed the TV so we could skip over the Mexican stations, took Bindi for a long walk and that was pretty much our day.

January 20, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Nice weather day, partly sunny and warm. Took Bindi walking thus morning, Mom stayed in bed till close to 3 pm but was a wake through most of the inauguration. Mom did get dress and felt she wanted to do something later in the day, so we did some laundry. When we got home and found a large container of hot chicken soup on our door step. It couldn't have been more appropriate because at the laundry mat I told Mom she has to get some food in her and she said we'll go home and have some chicken soup, and there you go, hot chicken soup from our good neighbor Charlene. Thanks a million Charlene.  
     Well after having some soup Mom jumped back in bed (5:30 PM.) I have to wake her to get some jamas on.

January 21, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Mom's still feeling punky, rested most of the day, she wants to be healthy for the Grandchildren who are schedule to fly in Monday mid-day. One grandchild and one adopted. Emily and Ashley joined us back in 2010 for New Orleans and Gulf Shores. (see some old pictures here pic.)  I don't think we'll find as much to do at Fun N Sun but we'll check out the area I'm sure.
    I mostly walked Bindi today, just had to be outside, clear blue sky, hot sun, and 90°. I did some biking around the park and then putter with the RV a little, have to be ready for our guests arrival. 

January 22, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Clear sky and warm sun with a stiff breeze early this morning, as I was walking Bindi I scanned the sky and seen large clouds of black smoke near by. Jumped in the car with Bindi and chased down the source (pic.) I got as close as I could and seen they were burning a sugar cane field, the flames got intense (pic) but in a matter of about 15 minutes there was only a slight sign of smoke in the sky (pics,) job done.. 
     Mom is feeling better today, I whipped up some bacon and eggs for breakfast, Mon cleared her dish. Mostly hung around the camper encouraging rest the whole day. We skipped the ice cream social just to avoid contact. Winds kicked up pretty good for most of the day and finally subsided after dark. Weatherman shows warm weather for the next four days, should be nice for the girls.          

January 23, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Mom must be feeling better, we went to Wal-mart. We've been setting around just waiting for flight information when Emily text-ed, "Flight delay one hour in Minneapolis." So I booted up the computer to see where they are, as I'm checking the screen I received a call from John who explained they just got aboard. I said flight DL3855? "Why yes how did you know? Our Granddaughter is on the same flight. "Reality?" Our guests fist view of Harlingen Texas (pic)
     I hope we have enough room in the car for everyone (Using John's SUV.) Well Everyone is here safe and sound (pic.) On the way back from the airport we stopped at Los Asados for dinner, by the time we finally got back to Fun N Sun it was close to darkness. Took the girls for a quick walk around so they'll be familiar with the park so they can feel comfort on their own in the morning.

January 24, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
The girls started the morning with an early morning power walk, two miles around the outside walls of the park. That was follow with an hour workout in exercise room, (pic) follow by pools side activities (pic.) Lunch time, Chick Fil A for salads. Now we're looking a 2:00 pm. nap, yes? Of course not, South Padre Island is calling. High temperatures and high wind were no deter. We are on our way to SPI.
     The girls did their power beach walking while Mon and I tagged along at more respectful pace. Took some pictures (pic) along the way just to show how nice the day was. We were back on the road around 6 pm. and happen to drive through Rio Hondo and the car turned right into Ornelas Bakery Shop, can you believe? Well since John & Anita bought the girls some Tres Leche we would buy him some Dark Piggies, of course we picked a tray of sweets for ourselves. I guess there will be more running  tomorrow. No wait the hot tub is calling, the girls with flashlights in hand marched down to the the tub. I think I have to close my eyes.      

January 25, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Back to SPI today. But first a power walk around the perimeter of the park, not once but twice that's four miles. Bindi and I only got a mile in, still feeling a little punky, these girls came back and still had jump in their step.
    Weather is warm and partly sunny so we went for the 35 mile drive to the beach. First stop is to photograph the entrance sign (pic.) Next a beach walk, needless to say after my mile this morning I'm still resting up. The girls got in a couple miles I'm sure (pic.) On the way to lunch we stopped at the Turtle Farm where they rescue  these and bring them back for release.  Here is a little guy who looks like he's ready for release, (pic) We ended up at Clayton's for a sandwich (pic.) Clayton's is the location where a lot of Spring Breakers head to during Break, At this time of the year it's nice and quiet.
    Now for today's topper. By the time we got back it was getting close to 6: pm. and at his time of the year it seems like it only takes 15 minutes to go from light to dark. So when the girls arrived here I explained that they should carry a light in the evening and also ware your name tag, (Makes the local folks know these young girls belong in the park.) This evening, close to dark, the girls needed one more walk. They ran around the outside of the park, in the middle of this farm country where there are no lights and very few homes,  at they came to the back gate they discover it is chained lock at dusk, darkness is setting in, they run back around to the front gate (one mile) which is electrically closed in the evening. So what to do, "Grandma we are locked out of the park!" (No name tags, no light and it's getting dark) Mom was up front doing some laundry so it was an easy resolve. They spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub.            

January 26, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Nuevo Progreso Mexico is on our calendar today. After our morning walkabout, after breakfast, after lessons in Pickleball, after showers we're about ready to hit the road, it's noonish. "Should we stop for lunch before Mexico or in Mexico?" I then went on to ask "Do you girls like a good baked potato?" reply "We sure do!" Well we know a place, it's about 30 miles out of our way, but we've never enjoyed such a potato, it's so big and loaded that Mom and I split one and we are both full. "Boy that sounds great let's do it." So we drove I-2 to Alamo, TX and stopped at the ever popular 'Willie's BBQ'.
    We placed our orders and sat down to eat, as I gazed the table Mom & I had the only baked potato?? I had to ponder this, what did I miss? hmmm.
    Mexican border, there have been some changes here, walking in to Mexico you now detour through an unmanned inspection room then return to the sidewalk? As I put my two quarters into the turnstile I mumbled something about the increase in the rate and a near by Mexican commented "We have to pay for the wall."  Big smile from Me.
    Another major calamity, my favorite booze shopping store has closed down. Oh my gosh right next to the exit out of the country, always a fair price. I may have to protest and only by half as much in Mexico.
    A return Hello to Mr. & Mrs. Sellers, your delightful daughter is a pleasure to share time with.  you should be very proud of her.

January 27, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
A no plan day. The girls are appearing a little lethargic this morning, Ashley was the first out the door, not for a run but right over to the Physical Training Center to work out, Emily was behind her a few minutes later. Mother Natures also agreed it was a do nothing day, cold and cloudy. I think the busiest part of the day was a few games of Euchre.
     This evening we had planed to go to the dogs, Dog races that is. The track is just down the street from the campgrounds so it was just a short drive. I think we had a fun time because it took us several races to figure out the program.  It was big fun watching the dogs shoot out of the gates and see how fast the run. We didn't make any money but enjoyed the evening.

January 28, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Craft sale day in the Rec Hall, I've been waiting all year for this. Last year during the sale and RV supplier has tables here and I bought two led high lumen lights, which went twinkle in a week. I took them over and explained the problem and the sales lady yes they had some problems and gave me two new ones that run cooler. I'm a happy camper now. 
     We had breakfast and the girls started packing. On the way to the airport we stopped for lunch at Texas Road House, had a good meal.  At the airport the girls checked in and we said our farewells (pic.) 
     We head home to get some rest and fight these colds that have been hanging on. Plane was scheduled to leave at 3:30 pm. local time and at 4: 30 pm. we get a text from Emily that the flight was over booked and it looks like there are some problems. At 5:30 pm. I'm back at the airport picking up two overnight guests. The story is a little mind boggling for a company like Delta to take 3 hours to reassign a flight and compensate the girls, but after 3 hours they were finally told to come in a little early tomorrow for a conclusion. Needless to say I picked up two unhappy campers who were very eager to join me with my evening cocktail.
     Later in the evening we headed over to What A Berger to refuel and I think now they'll be able to sleep tonight.

January 29, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Light breakfast to start the day, the girls took a long walk, John & Anita stopped in, we talked about the Delta's problems. Anita is suffering a little with the same type cold we've been playing with.
    The girls have seats for the 3:30 pm departures so we went over to Gatti's and pigged out (all you can eat.) The day has  brightened up, temperatures going up, looks like we're having a nice day. Stopped by the RV and picked up the luggage and headed to the Air Port, everything went smoothly. We again said good bye and we were back at the RV with our feet propped up relaxing. Text from Emily "We are departing watch for the air plane." I went outside and in five minutes I could hear the jet but didn't see it, they are on the way home...
    6:30 pm. Emily calls "Gramps we are stuck on the tarmac in Minneapolis. Been setting 1½ hours, everything on the ground cannot be moved because of a major DELTA computer problem. Text at 8:30 pm "We have seats for 10:30 departure." I replied "Sounds Great." I don't think they'll be home until 2 am, but they'll be home.      

January 30, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Up at sunrise, looks to be a beautiful day.  Mom answered an early call and I heard "What time did you get home?" Next I here "WHAT?" long pause...   "You're still in Minneapolis!"   Bottom line they'll be leaving this morning but not together, two separate flights 3 hours apart (more problems for a car ride when back in Detroit.)  Final words I heard "I'll never Delta again!!!
     Mom awoke with sore neck muscle this morning, so sore couldn't turn head or touch he neck. John  & Anita stopped by, we all agreed must of slept in a funny position, John check Mom out and gave her a all natural pain medicine that reduced the pain in an hour and in couple hours was moving her head around. 
     All that aside, this is a perfect day for patio sitting, outside of a couple of walks that's what we did, bright clear sky and warm temperatures made the day perfect.
     7:45 pm. text from Emily. "I'm home!"  Hard to believe scheduled to depart 3:30 pm Saturday and finally gets home Monday evening at 7:45 pm.  All as a result of Delta Problems..

January 31, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
Weatherman states a week of beautiful weather ahead. John said this January has been the best weather he can remember. January usually has a strong variety of weather but this year has been basically consistently nice.
     Mom & Anita both have this Texas cough hanging on so we are staying low key trying to keep them rested. Skipped dancing this morning but Mom did do laundry and I took Bindi walking. Talked with Glenn this afternoon he said snowed yesterday and snowing as we talked, warm enough to have wet ice at the stop signs, very hard driving.
     On the phone with Nick, he was saying he thinks his park will be giving up the "over 50" status because they are setting up the inexpensive Fema type homes on the many empty lots. They think they'll be renting to low income families. He thinks next year will be different, not something to look forward to for sure.
     Got sad news via voice mail from Cousin Jane this evening, Cousin Wayne's wife Judy passed away. Will have talk with Jane tomorrow for the details.    

February 1, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
No plan day, Genealogy group planed to visit the Harlingen library just to acquaint the group with a personalized tour of what they have. Mom & Anita opted out so this morning, after the Bindi walk, I wanted to visit a couple of near-by RV sales locations. We checked out Trader Jack's which has a lot of  "On consignment" rigs. Trying to see if we could get a little feel of what you get for how much. As we figured there was no logic to pricing. We will just pay more attention to what is posted on our local board. Last year one of the dancers bought a real nice fifth wheel for a very reasonable price and now they'll be leaving it here year around eliminating the need of hauling something down every year. If you're staying at only one park every year that seems like a smart thing to do.
      Called Anita & John to see if they up for a late lunch. We pick them up and and decided to head to Raymondville (20 miles north) to eat at Casa Blanca (pic,) a restaurant that has been here forever and always had good meals. Mom and I had stopped here on the way down last year and found it was still unchanged  and happy to report still good. John & Anita started coning here, on and off, since the 1970's and outside of employees and the pictures on the wall see no changes, again we all reported a good meal. Closed the day with cocktails and some card playing at J&A's        

February 2, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14            
Square dance morning, up to the dancehall by 10 am. We had four squares dancing and they are definitely a fun bunch of dancers. Eight of us went over to Papa Joe's for lunch to enjoy a good burger. We haven't seen Caller Nick & Dee for a couple of weeks now, so we had a chance to get caught up on all his doings. He's planning on lunch in Mexico tomorrow and we may be join him.
     Relaxing afternoon with perfect weather... Skipped Bingo this evening. 

February 3, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14            
Mom biked up to the activity office to get some tickets for the Rhinestone Review, and bumped in to John. She told John we were running up to the RV store to buy a screen filter for our AC unit John said he wouldn't mine tagging along, so at 10:00 am we all (John & Anita & Mom) are heading up to F street. I made the quick purchase and when I got back to the car 10:20 am. Mom said they were talking about a fifth wheel for sale at Tropic Winds ( a short distance up the road.) Got to the park 11;00 am. looked for the rig for some time, not on the lot # it was shown on, but stumbled upon it in the storage area as we were exiting, decided to call to see if we could see interior, "Be there in 2 minutes." (going on 11:30 am..) We all checked it out, talked for a while, and back in the car it was suggested we think lunch, Mom said Vermillion would be nice (½  hour drive) then we could then check out the SAS store (groan.) 12:30 pm. we are on our way. 
     Delicious meals again this year, they been at this location for 83 years and obviously done it right. 2:30 pm. on the road to SAS. Shop shop shop Buy buy buy.. I think it was 4: 30 pm. before we were heading home. We got back home around 5:30 pm. Fat, Broke, and Happy!
     Now that is how a retires' day goes, a ten minute trip to the RV Store takes 7½ hours..  

February 4, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14            
Rainey morning, good down pour that cleared up before noon. Mom went over to Wal Mart to do some shopping and I just puttered around homestead most of the day. I did get a nice long walk in with Bindi.
     Mardi Gras Dance this evening, caller Nick invited Darryl Lipscomb to share the stage (pic.) They call well together and a fun time was had. We had a little more than seven squares, I took several candid shots of the dancers (pics.) Mom & Anita still have a cough hanging on so were trying to keep them rested. No ice cream outing for us. Super Bowel.

February 5, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14            
A lay back day, just a puttering around kind of thing. Called J&A to see if they were up for a light lunch, we headed over to What A Berger they have a nice salad. Afterward we drove over to AT&T to see why Moms phone is acting up. Talking with the rep we found the same problem was caused by the same thing, the Moon is showing. We shut it off again and all is well again. hmmm.
     Super Bowl this evening.        

February 6, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Plans for late lunch with Ron & Bev from our Jayco Group today.  This morning talked with each of the boys. Craig is in route home from San Diego, everything is going well should be home tomorrow. Glenn is finishing up on his flip, and Gary found us a good buy on a 2016 Dodge. We'll see how all this pans out.
     Mom Orchids, that we've brought from home, have finally bloomed. Got some nice pictures (pics)
We met up for our late lunch at Stefano's, John & Anita joined us. Food was good and a real plate full. This restaurant just open under new name last year, but this is our first visit here since it close several years ago. We use to come here often when is was the Lone Star. Ron and Bev stopped over our place afterwards where we caught up on all the news since our last campout in Michigan.
     Took Bindi on a late evening walk when John & Anita signaled us in for some cards. Didn't get home till after ten and after a half bottle of wine, I think I'll sleep well. I don't know about Bindi, it wasn't much of walk and she doesn't do wine.

February 7, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Dancing at Lakewood this morning, John & Anita picked us up for the 10 minute drive. We had a real fun dance this day. One thing that makes dancing fun is most callers here in the Valley assign every couple a number and that number tells you which square you'll be dancing in and that changes every tip, so you never know who you'll be dancing with or where. You get to enjoy more people and have more fun. They do throw in what is called "Open Tips" usually the first and last tips are open as well as one more in the middle. If you want to rest you can always sit out an open tip. 
     A group of ten of us joined the caller Nick & Dee for lunch at La Playa. Nick & Patti came down to visit with us and joined us for lunch as well. This is the first time at La Playa this year and the food and service were good.
     Afterwards Nick & Patti stopped by our place and we got all caught up on everything since our last dinning out at the Masters, in Michigan, that was just before we headed south. Everything is going good with them as well. 
     We had another beautiful weather day and tomorrow they are predicting 90°.  Lucky for Bindi she gets her hair cut tomorrow morning so she can stay cool.

February 8, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Hot day, 92°. Beauty Shop for Bindi first thing this morning then Mon went over to the genealogy group meeting. She reported an informative discussion with a lot of info about census reports.
     I jumped on my bike this morning and started up and down each of the many streets in the park, I got to seven miles when Mom called me and said Bindi is finished, I still had about three miles to go to complete every street in the park but had to pause for the mutt.  As we were leaving the park for the pooch Anita called and invited us over for lunch. With our baby in tow we got back to their home in a half hour with our new girl (pic.) After enjoying a good lunch we jumped into a card game to finish our afternoon.
     Back at our place, with temperatures in the 90's, I elected to scrub down the camper. Mom decided to stretch out in AC comfort while I spent close to three hours playing in the water. I was drained by the time I finished, I closed my day with a very good cocktail that put me in the nod mode.
     You can checkout Bindi's pictures here (pics)

February 9, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Dance day this morning, we only had four square but had a load of fun. After the dance we invited Ken & Jodi to join us for lunch, Ken said he would like to but he had to head towards Brownsville. Someone then suggested that we eat at Vermillion (outskirts of Brownsville) Ken then said they would love to join us.
     Along with Nick & Dee we numbered eight this day. As we were ordering our beverage the waitress recommended Shock Top, Nick & Ken ordered it under Nick recommendation, so I joined in. It was delivered with a slice of Orange, can you believe, orange and beer? I stated "What man would drink beer and orange," it must be like drinking Blue Moon. They chimed in "Yes." "Groan, that's a little girls drink!" I explained. Of course Ken & Nick tried to explained it was a good wheat beer. Of course I told them hey had better check the color of their skivvies. I let the combat die after drinking my glass and found it wasn't bad. I enjoyed the professional review describing Shock Top, they kind of quoted everything I felt, even to enjoying it.        
     We got back to the park a little after 3 pm. This retired life isn't easy starting at the dance hall at 9:30 am and not get finished till after 3:00 pm. and that is only the morning event. Mom still isn't feeling up to par so we went over to urgent-care where they check her over said she was in good shape and gave a script to combat the cough, now it's after 6:00 pm. We did make it back it time to watch the Big Bang.      

February 10, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Perfect weather day. Lunch at the local Blue Marlin for a scrum-shish fish dinner. Grilled fish smothered in sweet cooked onions, best rice ever tasted, lettuce and
tomatoes all scrum-delli-ishish.
     After lunch settled down I finish my Fun N Sun park-street ride and it only turned a total 8.9 miles. Then this evening we went to a special Valentine Dance at Lakewood. As we were leaving the Park we all seen this giant moon on the horizon, we commented on how large it was. I grasped my grade school knowledge and explained the the heated atmosphere at this angle distorted the imaged and made it  appear magnified. [Well after getting home I researched it and most now agree it's an optical illusion, and using this photo as an explanation (pic)], groan.
     Didn't get home till 10 pm. had to do a short McDonald stop along the way home. That is the day..

February 11, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Anita and Mom went garage sale shopping first thing this morning. I thought I would wash the car today. Puttered round a while then took Bindi for a 1¾ mile walk. Had a good Texas wind this morning which is nice for walking when the temp is over 80°, barley got the tee-shirt wet. Returning to the camper I sat outside and Bindi plopped right down next to me, you can tell she was whipped. Now Mom left somewhere around 9 am. and it's now pushing 1: pm. Figured I  had better give her a call before I start to nibble. " I'll be home in a minute we are on our way now." 
     They picked up John and everyone is read for lunch. John took us over to Las Vegas (restaurant) because we thought it might be slow since it's almost 2 pm. now. Well they were waiting in line at the door so we buzzed over to Chick-Fil-A and did salads. As we are leaving the parking lot John is holding his hand to his ear, I look over at him and as he said "Rio Hondo is calling."  It was only a few minutes and the women had trays in their hands selecting a weeks supply of treats that only Ornela's Bakery could provide.
     This evening, Rhinestone Country is the entertainment at the Dance Hall, and we have bought tickets. For a person that loves Polkas this entertainment was a little too country for me, I think they lacked a little finesse. The girls in the show did much better the the guys, but overall I'd have place then low on the chart. It was good that we only paid for back row seating. I did get some shots (pics)

February 12, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     A nice do nothing type day, a little breezy but nice. Someone mentioned going to the Island for lunch today, so around one-ish Mom called Anita and in short order we're on the road again. Somehow we finalized our destination and ended up on the deck of Louie's ( Frumpy place with slow service that makes you think why am I here.) Mom and I had the rib special that was excellent. 
     Headed over to the Gulf side and sat the beach for a time, just watching the surf and families enjoy a warm Sunday afternoon. Off course, a stop at McDonald's on the way home not just for ice cream but a birthday burger for a ten year old named Bindi. Back at the Park, we skipped the ice cream social this evening not wanting to over indulge. 

February 13, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Got a call this morning from Anita that a friend has posted his 5th wheel for sale. Mom and I have been taking about looking into something that was  a little more roomy and we could leave here on a site and eliminating driving the motor-home down every year. We know others that have done that and were happy about their decision.
     I called Jim Welch about the 5th wheel, Mom and I then walked over to check it out. It's an older unit  but clean and in nice shape. Mom was pleased with the floor plan with three slid-outs it's very roomy. The condition of the interior was very good. I asked Jim for a couple days to talk it over, he said no problem.
     Caller Nick let us know of a VFW Spaghetti dinner tonight that some of the dancers usually attend, so with John & Anita we went to for spaghetti. After dinner dancers Dwaine & Bert invited us to their place for some cards, we were home by 10 pm.

February 14, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Dance day at Lakewood. Woke to 98% humidity, dark clouds, shifting winds, in a matter of 45 minutes the humidity dropped to 82% with dropping temperatures. Texas weather seems to be all over the map, by mid day full sunshine temperatures in the high 70s.
     Twelve of us header to Los Leones in La Feria, after dancing. We've eaten here back in 2015 and reported it as good Mexican food with very excellent salsa with good chips, the same report holds true today. We'll have to get here more often it's not that far.
     Later in the day Mom and I met with Jim to make an offer on the 5th Wheel. We talked about why we wanted to do this and how we were slowly changing our life style by staying in one place longer each year. We went on to talk price and then we made an offer that Jim accepted.
     After more 5th wheel discussion with Mom at home we went back over to the rig with Jim and checkout all the appliances and procedures for setup/teardown. Everything worked well and went smoothly.
     Mom and I finished the day talking about the difference in the way we would now being doing things because of a permanent residence in Texas..   

February 15, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Woke this morning after a restless night and talked more with Mom. We no longer will be changing plans on our drive down to do extended stays in New Orleans, No longer be spending our last month on the beach on South Padre Island, No more excursions to Arizona and the like. 8:30 am. I called Jim, explained my dilemma and withdrew our offer. He was very pleasant and accepting of my quandary.
     Mom went over to do laundry this morning, I did some bookkeeping. Bindi got a short walk, when Mom returned from the Laundry I learned that the Don-West flea market was on today's schedule.
John picked us up and we headed west, keeping in mind that it was almost lunch time. At the market I picked up a few pairs of short socks and the girls each picked up a couple things before we headed a little further west to Alamo for lunch. Yes we stopped at Willie's BBQ again. I ordered Brisket and gravy, John did a chicken covered baked potato, and the girls did BBQ Chicken. These potatoes are sooo big had to do a picture (pic.)
     John took the scenic route home, we left the morning at 11:30 am and got back at 5:30 pm. That's a heck of a lunch hour??      

February 16, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     What to do today? Nick & Dee are meeting up with Ken & Jodi in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico at Poncho's Bar around 11:00 am. today. So with John & Anita we were on our way to Poncho's bar this morning. By the looks of it, half the winter Texan's from all the local resorts are in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico today (sunny, warm and windless.) Poncho's was full but we found seats at Nick's table. Nick had a Pina Colada in front of him that took Mom & I  back to the Caribbean, so we joined in with him (pic.) We all gabbed for a bit then made late lunch plans to meet across the street at Arturo's for 2 pm.
     We all split-up to do some shopping but it wasn't long before John & I were at the fun place (bakery / restaurant) having coffee. As we were listening to local trio's that pass through, play a few songs, pass the hat, then move on to another restaurant, Mom & Anita came in to join us. As we talked a good looking young Mexican stop by our table to show us his penciled caricatures. Mom said "Oh how nice let's have one done"
(groan) as she peered in to his big brown eyes (pic.) We had our picture drawn (pic.) We did have a lot fun laughing and carrying on as spectators stopped by to check the progress, everyone had a comment. He finished up in about twenty minutes to half hour. Mom attempted to have some conversation with him afterward, but he spoke very little English, I stepped in as interrupter, pointing to myself saying 7 - 8, he smiled an and said 24. Ah progress, we learned he was 24, married and had two children, lived in McAllen TX. I made arrangements to have him stop by Arturo's and sketch Nick & Dee.
     By the time we left the coffee shop it was close to two, so we made our way over to Arturo's to join the group. We had some wait there before we we were seated, Nick & Dee came in a little later. They were getting haircuts that everyone thought were very good looking and of course Mom said I'd love to get cut for only $5.
     Late lunch came and went, Bacilio (the art boy) did the drawing of Nick & Dee and then we were on our way to have nails and hair done. John & I had seats in the Salon but the strong chemical odor that prevailed suggested to me that it was time for John & I to head to parking lot, it is getting close to five pm. We walked the couple blocks to the 50¢  gate to leave Mexico, as we passed through this gate it dawned on me that my passport is in Mom purse, oh boy! We found a bench giving thought to just waiting for the girls. Well after an hour it was time to do something, John walked back to the turnstile and was able to get  by without incident, twenty minutes later he returned with two lovely chicks in tow. 
     This was another big day with a six hour lunch, go figure! I did take some pictures with Mom's phone (pics)

February 17, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Dog show day and Bindi is enrolled. This is taking place first thing this morning so a little extra brushing then some rehearsal and we were on are way. The tent was setup in back of the Rec Hall with chairs and all. They had over 40 dogs enrolled and they were all ready to show. (pic)
     Here is the procedure, Host calls the Dog's name, you parade your dog in a circle, come back and speak of your dog, get a gift, then wait to see the standings. 
     It is fun, because most all are just family pets and you never know what they will do. I got some pictures of some dogs (pics) and of course a video of Bindi's premiere (vid.) 
     New place for lunch today, John & Anita took us to Lonnie's Down Home, it was like being in America. Basic food menu and American
clientele with a real low prices.
     A Bindi walk then Mom did some shopping to close the day.

February 18, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     This morning the Marine Military Academy
host their annual tribute of Iwo Jima. As they do regularly the students in full military gear will pass in-review. Invitations are extended to veterans and a number of the still living attend the ceremony. The ceremony is what has been and still is to this day practiced by the military, presenting of the troops, where they'll march past the Officers and special guess for their inspection and review.
     This morning there appeared to be about a dozen Iwo Jima vets in attendance. For me this is a very emotional event. Watching these men, all over ninety, Standing for the National Anthem, and again struggling to raise again for the troops as the pass in review. My thoughts jumped to the thousands of stones in Normandy and our young buried over seas. Just seeing these old soldier in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial brings on tears  (pic.) 
More (pics.)
     On our way home we stopped a Mc Don's for an Mc egg wrap, not bad. At home Mom took the time for RV housework, that means walk Bindi for a couple hours, oh boy..  Got a nice bike ride in before the Bindi walk. Later in evening we were at John & Anita's to get some cards in an accept delivery of their new sofa & chair. After the delivery we were back at the card game, where John won big so we took our chips and went home .   

February 19, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Big plans for this day, do nothing. I Biked the park and then biked out to the Dog Track after which walked Bindi, that was the extent of the activities. Windy out but nice.  We did head out for a late lunch at Stefano's Brooklyn Pizza, we had lunch here the other day and after seeing the pizza going around we said we would be back, so here were are and I want to say this was the most flavor able pizza I have ever tasted, with only pepperoni, mushrooms, onions as extras.
     One more walk and that's was the day.. Weatherman this evening is calling for strong winds and lot of rain tonight. I secured the bikes and chairs as precaution.

February 20, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     We didn't have any winds during the night but rain started at 6 am. with a good moderately heavy down pour for about two hours. TV this morning showed  big time storm damage in San Antonio last night, here we had sunshine by noon.
     John called this morning said he talked with Dwaine & Bert and the four of us were invited back over to their place for some Wizard cards tonight. We were at their place after the VFW spaghetti dinner last week and played Hillbilly Rummy when they learned we played a lot of wizard, hence the invitation. They are members of NSDCA (National Square Dance Campers Association,) as are we, and they play a lot of wizard cards while camping. Dwaine & Bert recently bought an older park-model in Dixieland RV park and had it reconditioned during the past summer, they seem to enjoy entertaining and showing off their place. 
     This afternoon the four of us had lunch at El Sabor De Mi Tierra, a near by restaurant that changed owners a few years ago but still services a good meal. After lunch we took a short local drive enjoying conversation and the good weather. Later in the evening John picked us up for the short drive to Dwaine and Bert's. We didn't get home till after midnight, we may have to take a couple days off to rest up...

February 21, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     This is dance day at Lakewood, Mom opt not to go today because of a slight persistent cough which is hanging on forever. So it was a low key day. We did join the dance group at Papa Joe's for lunch, the rest of the day was quiet.

February 22, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     This weather has been unbelievable this year. Winds have been lighter, dryer, and warmer. This past week in the high 80s and this week low 90s. Seems like the temperatures are recording breaking every other day. The upper valley, McAllen, will be close to 100° this week and here in the lower valley mid 90s.
     Took Bindi for her walk while Mom was at Genealogy session this morning. The rest of the day we moved slowly, wash the car then Mom and I took Bindi to lunch (which means we went through drive through and then found a shady place to munch down.) 
Big news here in the RV park. The much liked park manager, Tony, was fired Tuesday evening. No details out yet, but everyone in the park will be calling corporate office to register a complaint.  
     Called John & Anita this evening and got together for some cards. That's the day...

February 23, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Perfect weather continuing, although a little to warm. Decided it would be to hot to walk the beach so gave John & Anita a call to see if they would like to join us for a county ride. We drove north to Raymondville for lunch at  Casa Blanca, afterward headed east to the gulf at Port Mansfield.
     We had packed the car with all the necessary equipment to do some real hunting, Port Mansfield is know for excellent deer hunting and John guaranteed we would shoot a nice size Buck. Well we were not out long before we spotted a big buck to shoot, one shot (pic.) In a very short time here's another shot (pic.) It is evident by the previous shot that Port Mansfield is where it's at (pics.)
     Hot weather and a long drive home required McDee's ice cream & coffee. 

February 24, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Today is over booked! River Cruise planned for the morning and Dancing in the evening. Up at 6:30 am and on the road by 8:10 am. We are on our way up the valley to Mission, TX and at the Riverside Club to board the Riverside Dreamer. There were fifty square dancers aboard for the two hour cruise. Not a whole lot of sites to see along the way, but with nice weather, good friends and dinner at the end, I think it was a good time. Oh yes, guess who left their camera at home?  I-phone provided  a couple reminders. Here's the all the (pics)
     This night we square danced at Lakewood with Joe Saltel, one of the best. We had 17 squares dancing and Nick & Joe complementing each other made this dance great, we all had a fun time. You can see how happy we are (pic.) I think this has been the best dancing of the season. Since this was an evening dance and we had a full day, directly home we went!  

February 25, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     South Padre Island is hosting an Arts show of sorts with vendors, so off the four of us go. The 53 minute drive went by quickly. Just before crossing the bridge to the Island we stopped in at the Pirates Landing Restaurant for fish dinner. Restaurant was crowded  but we didn't have to wait, our waiter was good as were the entrée's, so we left in good spirits.
     I think we've done this show every year so needless to say John and I were outside setting next to the kettle corn tent sampling the product after a speed trip by all the vendors. Just as we finished our large bag of kettle corn the ladies came walking out. Yes we can stop at McDonald's, as we head for the bridge.

February 26, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     I suggested Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge we haven't been there this season, and I was curious to see the progress on road repairs. We were on the road a little after 8 am. Weather was partly cloudy with temps in the 70's, it was a very nice day.
     Road to the park was much better but major repairs are still pending. We had a nice sighting in the park. As I was walking up to meet Mom in a bird viewing station she signaled me to approach quick and quiet, walking in to the blind I could see two Javelinas skirring off. This is fun, we've seen them before but only on rare occasion at the side of the road running off. I sat for a while and sure enough they slowly returned step pause step pause then in full view (pic.) I got a few shots and a short video (vid.) All pictures (pics)
     With this warm weather they are talking of an early bird migration but we haven't seen in large increase of birds. We  took a slow walk around several trails and did not see a lot of activity. We got back to the car where I had the most excitement of the day. Mom walked back to the visitor center while Bindi and I got some drinks from the trunk. I sat in the drivers seat and twisted the top of a coke and listen to the fizz, when it stopped I gave a hard twist to free the cap and a huge explosion of coke burst from the mouth, GROAN! My lap, shirt, seat, door were soaked. I had few bottles of water and flushed everything best I could, by the time we got home everything was dry.
      This evening at the Rec Hall is information , ice cream, and music. They had an absolute full house this evening, in front of the stage all seats were filled as well as the Bingo area, I would gustimate 600 Winter Texans. I'm thinking the attraction was the "information" portion where folks wanted to hear why the discharge of Tony a good and well liked park manager. They did speak of it only to say the why and wherefores will never be made public for reason of respect to all concerned.
Entertainment was Helen Russell & Husband (pic,) we enjoyed the show. During the performance they asked three from the audience up on stay and handed then a washboard, tampereen, and maracas, then during a song each made their contribution with instrument and body movements that brought on a lot of  laughter. It was an hour of free fun. Here's a little better picture of Helen (pic)       

February 27, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14     
    Walk, talk, and do little else. Starting out on doing our taxes, that's most of the day, even though it's going smoothly. Made a big sacrifice today, went to the office to report my findings. I went out back to check our electric meter and found it had the same reading on it as when we checked in. They replaced the meter, Groan. 
     Called J&A to see if they wanted to go to Los
Asados for late lunch. John had to do some errands so they were game. Bike store for John's new tire, Jewelry store for John's new watch battery, then over to the cable company so John could pay his bill. Lunch done, errands done, back home to enjoy the rest of the day. Cards in the evening and John won again....

February 28, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Square dancing at Lakewood this morning with six squares, fun time as usual.    Had a quick lunch at Chick Fil A so we could take Bindi over to the Vets. Bindi has been doing a lot of scratching for a long time and no home remedies seem to be working. We called our vet checked some meds out, he said no problems with them. Over to a local Veterinarian who  prescribed some meds because scratching it is a popular problem down here. We're hoping it works out OK. 
     NCIS tonight....zzzzz.

March 1, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Posted the photos taken at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge the other day:
     Catching up on odds and ends Bindi almost quit scratching, appear meds are working, everyone is happy now. We all went over to nearby Applebee's for coupon special lunch, Ho-hum. Got some card playing in and John is still on a roll. 

March 2, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     March is here an now and folks are heading out, over the past few days we've seen several rigs leave. It will be slow exiting till the end of the month then the pace will quicken for sure.
     Square dancing this morning down to four squares, all fun dancers so it was a good time. Near by Blanquita's Mexican Restaurant for lunch, a first time for us, we've driven by their a full parking lot many times, it was time to stop in. We were all glad we did, five starts for sure. Caller Nick said he was have dance this evening for his new students and asked all of us to angel at the dance, 7 pm. back to the dance hall. Again four squares and dancing to all basic calls. Big rewards, ice cream was served.
     Busy day, relaxed at home this evening.

March 3, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Cold front came through last night, temperatures dropped 22° over night only 72° and cloudy today, a welcome change.  The temperatures are to remain in the low 70's for the next couple days with rain tomorrow.
     Mom got some laundry done and I got some small stuff done around here. Bindi got her walk and I also did a little Biking.
     Looking forward  to checking out the in the park Auto Show tomorrow morning, the first of what they want to be an annual event. Mom wants to take in the weekly Brownsville Flea market, it's big.   Finished the day playing a little cards, John won again, Oh boy.

March 4, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     First thing this morning took Bindi for her walk and we walked to the front RV parking lot where the Auto Show is to be. They had about a dozen cars already in the lot and it's only 8:30 am. Looks like they are off to a good start.
     Cloudy and threatening out but by a little after nine we were heading to Brownsville Flea Market anyway. They have four covered isles each a quarter mile long and maybe another half mile's worth outside. We walked all the covered isles and some tables outside. Weather stayed nice with even a few minutes of sun. Didn't buy much, I did pick up a small motor for the garage work shop.
     Dirty Al's has several restaurant on South Padre Island and has recently had opened another "Dirty Al's" here on the main land, just down the street from the flea market. We stopped there for a bite and I was happy to see the Shrimp dish was anything but Shrimp. Each of the seven shrimp took three bites to consume, and the seasoned French fries were delicious. Anita hadn't had seasoned fries before and she really enjoyed them as well.
     Nick & Dee had invited us all over for some cards after we finished  dinner a Stefano's. There were eight of us paying Hillbilly Rummy, an easy fun game with three decks of playing cards (3 decks/w 6-8 playing, 2 decks/w 4 playing.) A game where you can get in a lot of extra talking. We didn't get home till almost midnight..
     Did get a call from Emily this evening, she'll be on her way to Cancun with her uncle Gary and family tomorrow morning.

March 5, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Such an active day yesterday that we took today off, hung around the park most all day, ate at home, biked and walked a little, and that was it. Oh yes we did take a short ride around San Benito just to check out some of the neighborhoods, but that was our day... 

March 6, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Talked with Glenn this morning, 50°  in the motorcity must be time to head home. Mom had to exchange something at the Kohl store so we called John & Anita see if the they were up for lunch as well. Lunched at Los Asados one of our favorite Mexican eateries before heading to Kohl's.
     Cards this evening and I finally won a game, I think the rest of the group just drank too much wine.

March 7, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Dancing at Lakewood this morning, six squares today. Only a couple weeks left before Caller Nick leaves. After the dance eight of us went to Los Leones in La Feria for lunch, then four of us went on to do some shopping at Sam's Club which ended with Frozen yogurt before getting back to the RV at 3 pm.
     Bindi got her bath this evening, still no scratching and that's good. Las Vegas Days at the Rec Hall, Mom didn't win anything. Home the rest of the evening.
     I seen this short video on line and could not believe what I saw, I had to watch it a couple of times and still found i hard to believe. Pit Stop.
     Had an interesting thought I wanted to share so I came back to the computer, booted up, checked the email, then sat here wondering why I was sitting here,
Senior Moment?
     Oh Yes, Mom's Orchid (pics)

March 8, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Slow start day with no direction, As I remember this was only the second time we stayed home for lunch. Another downer, Mom had to do the laundry. I guess there was an up-side for Mom, she got to go to Wal Mart for some what ever you call it time. Bindi and I got out this morning for a walk in the 99.9% humidity, I was soaked when I got back, and it was only 8:45 am. As the day progressed it seemed to dry up somewhat. My park bike ride was good as the breeze picked up a little.
     Talk about senior moments, I think I just experienced something, this must maybe an example. First off Carol talked with Anita and Anita asked "Cards tonight?" Carol "Hmm I feel like some French Fries". (Now go Figure?) Anita response "Give us a call if you go." Now I assume that must be women's talk, because as we are driving I said "aren't you going to give Anita a call?"
"Just stop by!"  Sure enough, I pull up and in a minute John & Anita are at the car and we're off to Mc Donald's for orders of French Fries. Now I know I missed something?
     I'm sure we just have good chemistry together because no matter who does what we are laughing, This may not be funny but it sure set a tone for the evening. Over the years John has lost a lot of weight to where he is now skin & bones, having been in the health profession he realizes that he has reached the bottom and it's time to consume small measured portions of forbidden food. Now you have understand John, as he prepares for this exotic moment every move is measured and paced. First it's the picking up the small ketchup pack and opening a corner, then it's one fry where he then lays a red stripe along the length of the fry, now slowly places it in his mouth where it is obviously savored and slowly chewed for a moment then swallowed. A small smile then the process is repeated. Now if the chewing process takes too long and the next fry is striped and ready, he then feeds this fry to his mate.  Sitting here in McDonald's taking this all in lets me know this will be a fun filled evening, John's in good form.
     We are now at John & Anita's sitting around the dining table playing cards. Outside temperature is not bad maybe high 70s, in the house it's close to the same with the overhead fan offering a gentile warm breeze. We are all aware of John's lack of body warmth due to his low weight condition. Now with this setting set, the scene goes like this; we're all getting excited about the progress of the game, conversation quickens, body temps raise, voices get louder. Of course none of the conversation is of the game. Mom asks out of the blue, " Is so & so invited to join us at Bert & Ernie's? tomorrow night?" Now I know it's suppose to be Bert & Dwaine's, and I'm smiling as I looked at the bewildered look on Anita's face, expressing who is Bert & Ernie??  Now the smiles start as Mom realizes something an I explained Anita doesn't know Bert & Ernie, I mention Dwaine and the laughing starts and we are getting hotter and our laughing louder. Anita quickly tells John "lower the AC temp because Carol's is all flushed." After a moment John returns with a warm long sleeve shirt on, and in a few moments we all realize it feels warmer in here. Someone says "John was cold so he put his long sleeves on and forgot to lower the AC temperature," well the laughing starts big time to the point of no eye contact, hard breathing, and your Mom trying to talk, cough, and looks like she was about to pass out, this senior stuff is very serious.  Thank God this was all without wine, can't imagine what if! 
     We must have a special chemistry between us all, because we seem to always carry on about nothing and do more laughing then anything else. It gets to be a serious condition that we don't have a name for, or what to take for it. We do know not to take wine for it!

March 9, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Skipping dancing this morning as we're planning on two dances tomorrow. We did get together with the group for lunch after the dance at Blanquita's (same as last week.) Good Mexican food and they are only open daily till 3 pm.
     Big weather pattern is moving through, looks like it extends from the gulf to up to Michigan, some rain is expected. Quiet day we did get some cards in this evening, finally I won a game. The wine may have contributed to my victory as one of us accepted a golf-cart ride home, may due to exhaustion from all the card shuffling hmmm, wine?

March 10, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14    
     This morning we drove to Sunshine RV Park about the same distance away as Lakewood RV. Nelda Eaton is the caller, we met and danced with her when she first started calling in the valley a number of years ago. She is presently the caller for Sunshine Park during the season, and doing very well. Six squares dancing and this is late in the season. Nelda has a beautiful voice and is a talented caller. After the dance someone suggested What A Burger for lunch, and so it was.
     Cloudy all day with scattered showers sometimes heavy. Nothing doing for us all day long until the evening dance at Lakewood. Nick combined his final departing Barbeque dance with a Luau dance and charges an extra two buck a couple for the event. We were all asked to bring a dish to share so with the $10 a dance charge plus the extra $2 charge and the cost of $8 for the covered dish to pass we ended up paying $20 for the dance which had nothing extra special about it? with over 24 couples in attendance and paying an extra $2 making some $48 extra to cover most of the cost of the meat supplied. On the plus side Nick always calls a fun dance and we always have a good time dancing. For us this evening matters worsen, Mom started feeling an upset tummy, I ended up taking her home, so we didn't even dance this evening.  Looks like the cost of dancing is going to shorten our vacations.
      On the brighter side, looks like the weather is clearing up and tomorrow will be a brighter day! 

March 11,Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     A brighter day, and Mom is feeling a little better. Bindi and I took a walk this morning to see if we could pick up a Z pack to see if we can bring to an end this continuous bronchiolar coughing that's been plaguing Mom for over a month now. 
     With medicine taken Mom suggested taking a little ride to check the progress on the SpaceX property just off the Gulf. We drove by last year and seen some heavy equipment and ground work being done. Property is located just across the back bay inlet at the south end of Padre Island (can be seen here pic.)
     Gave John & Anita a call to see if they would to take a ride this morning, and we were all on the road with in a half hour. Driving south towards Brownsville on hwy US 77 I decided to stop in at the SAS shoe store to see if my back order came in, it had. I had a brief discussion with the manager on how disappointed I was with the service, It appeared by her demeanor that's the way it is here at SAS. I went to shelves and found my size paid and left. In the car waiting Mom asks "Did you get your 10% discount" (when ordered is was part of bulk order.) Back in the store talking with same manage who could not give me discount for bad service, check her records and finally said "Oh yes here it is you get 20% off". Accepted the refund and left.
     Bright sunshine, busy Saturday morning traffic with lots going on as wander near Brownsville, Mom says "Since you stopped at SAS maybe we could now stop at Kohl's so I can make a return." Of course we can, ask Saria where's Kohl's. Two miles back she said just north off US 77, so back we go. Business handled a quick McDonald's stop for two black coffees we are off again. We all are getting a little gittie now after and hour or so on the road, looking for Boco Chico road to head towards the Gulf. Not positive of the roads but know the general direction, John pull out our maps, Macomb County, Texas, Harlingen area, Brownsville area. With two or three maps opened in the Navigator's seat, arms spread, paper all over I had to pull over because the backseat drivers could not see out the front windows. Then some had the never to say we should ask for directions, can you believe? Driving by general since of direction got us too close, we had backtrack a couple miles to the roadways entrance. Again  whole lot of Ho Ho Ho-ing from the back seat.
     We did get in a whole lot of laughing in as everyone was attempting to help the driver. We've al been here before but usually approached from a difference direction.
     We made it to SpaceX location and found nothing. A fence was there and a dirt mound that looks like it may be the launch pad and one tracking antenna. It looks abandon but it is Saturday. They are suppose to be firing a rocket from here in late 2018.
     Vermillion Restaurant on the way home

March 12, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Another front came through last night, cloud cover and temperature down to 70° this morning. Puttered around the RV all morning. Mom spent a lot of time on the phone and after an hour or so I over heard Mom "You guys want to do something?" John & Anita joined us and it was over to the Blue Marlin Restaurant for good fish dinner then over to their place to play some cards. I had a big game, and that's our day...

March 13, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     It was nice sleeping last night, woke up to 58° on thermometer. Looking to make a run to Mexico today to replace the Z-pack we pickup and Mom lost a tooth filling and it's been bothering her some so she hopes to get that handled.
     We picked up our friends and headed over to Progreso. Got the Z-pack and Mom got in to see a Dentist that comes highly recommended. Dentist found decay under filling, he cleaned and repaired the tooth and Mom's happy.
     Back in the States we headed over to
Willie's BBQ for a baked potato, we each had a half a potato and we're happy. Finished the day with cards, I almost did great...  

March 14, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Anita called this morning and said John was not feeling too well, they would not be dancing today. Sorry to report that, so we decided to skip dancing as well and do a little shopping.
     What a beautiful day to just get out and bum around. We did get to Kohls for a bit only to find that senior day is tomorrow, I wonder what we'll be doing tomorrow.
     We consumed our leftovers for lunch and Mom was going whip-up a salad for dinner only to find our lettuce has gone bad. Not a problem, jumped in the PT shot over to the nearest fast food joint and was back in flash with two fine salads.  Mom got some time to spend in the pool this day, as you can see this agrees with her (pic.) Looks like she owns the space (pic.)
     Not that we seen a whale but just had to share this, it must of been some experience.. (vid)  

March 15, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Office called us today and asked if we had left the park. When we checked in I said for two months maybe three, clerk said pay for three and if you leave early we'll refund the difference, that sounds like a plan I said. It looks like we've been here two months already.  So I told her we will be staying a little longer.
     We have been talking about Padre Island, down side is that Texas spring break started on the 11th so we are dragging our feet a little. Bindi's hair cut and a couple other things and we'll be on our way I'm sure.
     Quiet day at camp, laundry got done, biked a little, walked a little and of course a little cards. Mom sounds a little better so that's good.

March 16, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Skipping the last square dance of the season, we have an early appointment for Mom, she is concerned that a spot on her shin that is red and not going away. Anita's dermatologist, who was a veterinarian and changed professions, comes highly recommended. So I took Mom to the Vet to have her spot removed and sent out, results in week. Next Bindi's at the spa today, we picked her and she looks good again.
     We got home in time to go to lunch with the caller and some dancers. A farewell lunch it was, as Nick was heading to Alabama right after we finished eating. With nothing planned for the day it looks like Bingo will be the highlight of the evening.  (Oh BOY)  :-(      
     Every Wednesday our Fun N Sun park has a free train ride around the park, I was talking with Uncle Ed on the phone yesterday about the train, as it was tooting by, then went and shot a little video (vid.) Fun stuff for sure..

March 17, Friday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Now for the events of the day, Bindi's is first one, out for early morning walk, weather is still great. We made it up to the office area parking lot to the checkout the gathering of the special day parade, nothing there and the parade is to start in half hour, hmmm.
     Now at 1 pm. singer Ralph Kuster starts his show in the dance hall and Mom likes his singing so we are going. Mom met up with Anita and went towards the dancehall and I walked Bindi home. I puttered around the camper till I got the call that the girls are holding seats for John and I. As I leave the camper I could her the Train bell nearby so I ready the camera to record the parade that was just up the road, here's what I shot (vid,) not too big a deal.
     I walked up the road to the dancehall, following the parade which was promoting the Kuster show along the way. Walking through the doorway I learn the two hour show is free and (a big AND) a free mixed drink or free beer, not all bad. The show was good, mostly all Irish songs but some pop and Elvis. I did did get some pictures, I like the one of  Mom & Ralph best (pic.) Couple more here (pics)
     Jason's Deli (buffet type restaurant) was our late lunch destination. I asked the counter help if they were serving St. Patty corn beef and cabbage, she didn't have a clue what I was asking. I pointed at a sandwich on the poster and asked what it was, she replied "Corn beef" I'll take that..
     The other day at the evening dance at Lakewood I recorded a video of one dance. One of the dancers is confined to a wheelchair but still dances, we had the pleasure of being in a square with her and we did good.
     Sometimes things just make me laugh. This video has been around but you just have to smile (vid.)

March 18, Saturday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Mom walked over to the Craft show in the Rec Hal first thing this morning, while I did important things like taking pictures of a tiny ground squirrel out side our window (pic.)
     Mom returned with Anita and apparently we are going to a World Birding Center just outside of Brownsville. One we've been to before, but we need exercise.  John drove the back roads there getting us there a little after noon, just missed the 11:30 trolley ride. The pretty Mexican girl working the visitor center said "If you want to do lunch you can make the 12:30 Tram."  Where is there a restaurant near here? "Oh there is a great restaurant specializing in fish just around the corner, take a right out of the park and then the next right to the highway, it's right there."  None of us were hungry this early, but a 'local' recommending a good restaurant, the next thing we knew we were making right hand turns to a restaurant. Nice clean place, good service, but we were the only English speakers there. We did get orders placed and the food was good but no-way were we going to make the 12:30 tram. We got back at 1:15 just in time for the 1:30 ride through the park.
     Open air covered buggy with a volunteer whip cracker (pic.) A nice ride not to exciting ride along a shaded trail where the volunteer sprayed us with a bunch of not to important almost facts. Mom seem to enjoy the venture and that's what counts. One big difference is the Resaca is all dried up since our last visit, they made efforts to retain the runoff and presently waiting to have the Resaca filled with water. Wild life was at a minimum, we seen two birds and a butterfly so I guess the we can call this a somewhat adventure.
     I was able to talk everyone in to a cone at McDonald's. John drove towards home and after some twenty miles he pulled in to McDee's. I quickly walked to the counter and with a big smile ordered for the group, ice cream please. Pretty little thing at the counter said "No ice cream!" I obviously was not a happy camper and asked how long before it's fixed?  "it'll be at leased ten minutes." We'll wait while we drink our coffees!
     Things don't always go smoothly in the south, I think we made the best of it with on shot of half of a butterfly and lots and lots of laughter...

March 19, Sunday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Day of rest, so I thought. We have this yucca like short tree growing next to our patio that does nothing but look good and bothers some people.  Yesterday I observed Mom and Anita chopping away at it and then leaving it only partially finish. This yucca/tree has sharp razor like leaves and a very pointy/piercing tip. Today I finished the job, so now here is a before and after picture (pic.) John & Anita pulled up in their golf cart just as the tools were being put away. As I sat there admiring the tree they picked up three trash bags of those dangerous cuttings and Mon & Anita golf carted them off to the trash
     Our camper is pointing south so our patio is cooking the hot half of the day and our awning is rolled up 95% of the time due to variable winds that usually change in  an unannounced moment, so we picked up our chairs and crossed the street  to Charlene's shaded patio to enjoy a drink. Husband Phil came out to see what we were doing and join us for a drink. Then our neighbor's from east of of us, Gerine and husband, came over as well.
     It's way past lunch, like 3:30 now, I suggested eating, some said Pizza, so Stefano's Brooklyn Pizza it was. The four of us enjoyed the short drive over and the deliciously different pizza. 
     Had to skip ice cream this evening as I had eaten too much pizza. I did force myself to have a healthy long Bindi walk. Now I should say how much better I feel... Groan.. 

March 20, Monday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     A very very Happy Birthday to Grandson Robbie & Grand-friend Ed, who we've only been good friends for 73 years now.
     Mid-day meal, grilled chicken salad at What A Burger. Quiet day as we see more and more vacant RV sites. The mass exit is under way.
     This evening the local acting group put on their interpretation of a live 1940's radio broadcast of 'Jane's day in court.'  A fun event, they explained that some radio broadcast were done in front of a live audience where signs were held-up as to when to applause and when to groan, as so it was. Including commercials of Brylcreem, Carter's Little Liver Pills, and Camel Cigarettes . Here are a few pictures of the show (pics.) a short video of Our park manager Tony O reading his part (vid.)
     Afterwards we played some cards and John again came out on top, he needs more coaching...

March 21, Tuesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Here's a first for us, the new Chick Fil A in Harlingen sponsored a Bingo. Yes Bingo. Anita had us all up and on the road by 8:15 am. to insure a seat for the 9:00 am. start. First off we had breakfast there because of our early arrival to get good seating.
     Bingo went this way; everyone received a single sheet with two cards on it. As numbers were called you marked of on both cards. first game was a simple straight ling Bingo on one card. Winner came forward spun a wheel and won a gift card for a drink, desert, or meal. They also had table items like tee shirts, water bottles, cozy and the like. Now the second game was one vertical row one horizontal row none across the free square on both cards. You continue on with the same two card sheet retaining all the previously mark numbers. Games continued with the same sheet until we progressed to a two card total fill. I think it took five game to get a total black out of both cards. After that we got a new sheet of two cards. I guess what made this more fun for me was the fact that each progressive game went faster because some numbers were already blacked out from a prior game. We only had to do this for one hour.
     Afterward we hung at home till our two pm. lunch date at El Gallito, (first time this season) good food, good service and real good price. Oh yes, it is only a mile from the park.
     Back home again when neighbor Charlene knock on the door and said Dinner on the patio, corn-beef and cabbage, will be ready at 6:00 pm don't be late. What a cook, the main dish was some combination of corn-beef, sauerkraut, bread bits, cheese over, and what ever good cooks hide in their meals to make extra special.
     We have a couple things planned for the next couple days and hope to be leaving for the South Padre on Friday, we'll see how that works out...

March 22, Wednesday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Weather continues to be great, a little too dry for the locals but no complaints here. Trying to establish a mind set that it's getting time to move on by thinking of things that have to be done before leaving like putting up the bikes etc.
     It was Logan's for lunch, a few errands, talked with the boys back home. It was sad to learn that Craig's Christmas gift of a droan had a mind of it's own and headed off into the unknown. The search is in its forth day now. 
     We played cards in the evening, oh yes, I ended up on top in our card game for a change! 
That was our day...

March 23, Thursday 2017 -  San Benito TX Fun N Sun site J-14         
     Mexico today, John & Anita, and Mom all have appointments for teeth cleaning ($25) in Nuevo Progreso. Soon after the cleaning we were walking the shopping district to the coffee shop for some entertainment and pastry. At Rene's Restaurant Bakery they have roving musicians that play for a half hour and then move on to another store. This morning we had six men playing trumpets, and strings. Anita went to have her nails done, Mom went for a haircut, while John and I finished another cup.
     I spotted a ½ gallon of Tito's for $24, back home it's over $37, so now our cabinet will be full again. We finished our roaming around, walked back across the border and headed back to San Benito. We went to the Longhorn Cattle Company restaurant near Fun N Sun for their baked potato, which I opted out of for a brisket sandwich.
     This evening I ready for departure, bikes up, hoses away, name plate and chairs away, we are ready outside. Mom went over to the laundry and she was done by 9 pm. At 9:15 John called to see if we were ready for ice cream, we hit McDonalds to close the the day... Tomorrow is departure.

March 24, Friday 2017 - San Benito TX to South Padre Island Isle Blanca County Park site C83-1 wk full $200  Miles: 37  gas: $2.05
     Morning winds picking up big time out of the south, drive took a little over an hour. We took a site we've been on several years ago, Got all connected had left-overs for lunch, relaxed for couple hours then took a walk on the beach. Wind slowed down and sun was shining. Met up with Ron & Bev (Jayco Club) in the park, their daughter & son-in-law are down here visiting for a few more days. We just took it easy the rest of the day..  

March 25, Saturday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
     Out to beach early this morning, Bindi and I were setting on the beach wall (pic) at 7:00 am waiting for the sun to rise out of the Gulf. At precisely 7:30 we seen this (pic,) not a quality shot but with these do everything for you cameras it takes me 10 minutes to figure a setting out to get something a little better (pic) but the sun is already way off the horizon (pic) I enjoy seeing the morning folks walking (pic) or fishing (pic) or shooting the sun (pic.)
     Mom wants to join the the beach cleaning efforts this morning so we are off to Claytons at 9:00 am., one of the gathering points, at the north end. Here you register, pickup you garbage bags & gloves and start picking up trash, bottle caps (the big item in this area today.) Here's where we started (pic.) Mom got over a ½ bag in a short time (pic) while I was mostly looking for I don't know what.
     Back at the camper we had our lunch, rested for a while then walked out to the beach for a few hours of people watching. There were families strung out across the beach as far as you could see. Well it is a beautiful family Saturday, with great water and lots of sunshine.
     After dinner we walked over to Ron & Bev's camper, their guest, daughter Sam and son-in law Jason (pic,) will be leaving this weekend. As we walked up we found Sam packing their truck, they will be leaving shortly. Jason hurt his shoulder back home in a snowmobile accident and it's really troubling him, Sam will have to do all the driving.  all (pics)
     That was pretty much the day.

March 26, Sunday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
     Hot sunny day thank goodness for the wind. Beach walking and now a days pavilion sitting, in the shade. Beach has a lot of folks out here. We decided to an emergency run to McDonalds for an ice cream cone, then on to Wal Mart. We got back to the Park gate around 3:30pm to find two lanes of cars backed up about a block long of folks wanting to pay for the day pass, day pass runs $10 now. Fortunately there is a third lane for campers so I was able to by pass the wait and use my card to lift the arm.
     Short Bindi walk this evening, I had to drag her from her couch perch to go, It was a little to hot on the beach this morning so she was just letting us know rest please.

March 27, Monday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
Didn't think the morning haze had cleared over the water so I didn't go down to the beach but did sit on our patio and did see the sun (pic.) Here's a shot of our corner lot (pic) with another view of Mom and her coffee (pic) watching the neighbor walk their dog (pic.)
     Back at Fun N Sun the other day I took a picture of Mom at one of her favorite cactus (pic) and the flowers at the tip of it (pic.)   A lot of cactus are in bloom now, here at our park is a Prickly Pear in bloom (pic.) 
     This evening Mom wanted to drive over to the Convention Center where there is a bird watching area were we can walk about and see what's active. Here they have a nice elevated walkway through the sanctuary out into the back-bay
(pic.) We saw Spoonbills and White Heron but could not get any good shots (pic) (pic.) We spent the evening out here taking a lot of pictures but none that caught my eye (pics.)

March 28, Tuesday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
Spent the morning beach walking without Bindi, felt she could use some rest. While walking Mom called John & Anita to see if they wanted to meet for lunch. We met up in Port Isabel, just across the bridge, at one of Dirty Al's restaurants called Pelican Station (has a caboose out front.) Specials this day were fish/shrimp tacos or grilled chicken salad $8.95, so I ordered Shrimp. Dirty Al's does a nice job with big shrimp and seasoned fries that I have a hard time getting past them. Cost $10.95 (use to be $5.95 when we first came here) you get 6 large shrimp with a large order of fries, on the plus side they throw in an extra shrimp :-.)
     We went back to the RV to indulge is some special deserts that our guess brought in from their stop in Rio Hondo. Oh yes painful as it was I ate Carbs... Well I guess the only pain I had was waiting to get back to the RV.. We gabbed and  played a couple of games of cards that Anita and I split the victories of.
     Took Bindi for a short walk, she was anxious to walk again and that's good. That was our day..

March 29, Wednesday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
     Warm breeze out of the south all day long, hot and humid weather continues. Oh week ends this Friday so we decided to start for home, Mom's cough although is better is still hanging on so home it is.
     We decide to make a run to pickup some shrimp to take home when Ron & Bev drove up, asked if they would like to take a drive so the four of us head to the shrimp store. This gave us a little gab time as they will be heading back to Harlingen to have dinner with Dave & Peggy who will be leaving the valley tomorrow.
     Mom and I did What A Burger for the last time before leaving. We then did a little biking around the park. Also did some rust removing and tire filling before storing the bikes for the trip home.

March 30, Thursday 2017 - South Padre Island   Isle Blanca County Park site C83
     On the road at 7:45 this morning for Mom's appointment back in Harlingen, about her skin spot on her shin, this is follow-up from the visit on the 16th. The spot was cancer, the doctor said all looks good and should have no further problems but to check with her dermatologist when home.
     After Mom's visit with the Vet we went over to Fun N Sun to do our laundry as she still had money on her laundry card. Next we stopped in on John & Anita to say our final good byes and decided to that over lunch at Blanquita's. We headed back to the Island around 3pm. where we ready some for our morning exit.
     Ron & Bev stop in for a time to whish us safe traveling, they too will be leaving soon as well. 

March 31, Friday 2017 - South Padre Island to Port Aramsas, TX  Nueces cnty park $25 miles: 209 gas: $1.98
  Happy Birthday Emily... We love you..   Heading north at 10am this morning, bright sunny day easy drive. Got a little sleepy about an hour down the road and Mom volunteered to drive. 75 miles later we stopped for a bite to eat and walk Bindi, then I got behind the wheel for the final lap.
     Registering at Nueces and found they only had one site open for only one night, our only other option would be on the beach with no hookups. As we were talking another clerk came up and said they had an early checkout which would give us any amount of nights, we said we'll take it for two nights. After hookup we walked the beach until Bindi said she wanted dinner and rest. hmmm.

April 1, Saturday 2017 - Port Aransas, TX  Nueces cnty site48
     There are a few more folks here then when we stopped buy in January. We enjoy it here next to the shipping channel where we can get a few good shots like this (pic) (pic.)
     Spent a lot time on the phone today, we were sorry to hear of Marge dieing. Every thing else in Michigan sounds like it's OK to come home to, sunny mild day there. We had some sun this morning then his afternoon it clouded over for the rest of the day. Haven't been in a restaurant for two days now, don't know if I'm have withdrawals or not.
     April is now here and talking with a number of campers around us, traffic heading north will be heavy. Planning to leave in the morning. Sever weather north and west of us and it's moving north so we should be OK to go.
All (pics.)

April 2, Sunday 2017 - Port Aransas, TX  to Crystal Beach TX Bolivar RV site 3  $28  miles 226 gas $2.05
    Overcast all day with a slight tail wind, good driving day. Checked in for one night then checked weather map for next stop, Natchez MS. Weather forecast shows sever thunderstorms for the Louisiana area for tonight and clear and sunny for tomorrow. We'll check when we get up in the morning.

April 3, Monday 2017 - Crystal Beach, TX to Vidalia LA River View RV site 105 PA $18  miles 286   gas $2.05
    There were sever storms in all Louisianan last night, this morning is bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky, we'll move on today.
     We had a good driving day with again a slight tail breeze, in fact Mom drove a hundred miles in Louisiana to the outskirts of Alexandria. We seen signs of the big storm of last night with up rooted and broken off trees, flooded fields, and creeks. Sky was clear and blue all day long this day.
     Camping on the banks of the west side of the Mississippi River give us a nice experience of watching river traffic. Took a few shots of a supply boat motoring up to a tug/barge and transferring some supplies. (pics.)    

April 4, Tuesday 2017 - Vidalia, LA to Tupelo, MS   Barns Crossing RV $35 miles 270 gas $2.04
    We  are doing good, on the road again before 9 am. Six miles to the start of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Clear blue sky's again and easy driving, in fact so easy it was ninety miles of driving before a car approached us from the rear. We did however have one encounter, a herd of twenty or so black cows must of broke out of a pasture and came out of the woods across the road in front of us and then back into the woods. We had to wait several minutes till they all crossed safely.
     Checked in at Barns Crossing RV, located at the north edge of Tupelo. We then went to gas-up the RV and Mom wanted to shop Wal Mart, so we are filled-up all the way around. That's our day..

April 5, Wednesday 2017 - Tupelo, MS   to Meriwether Lewis campground  miles 224 
    Weather is still holding, blue skys with some white puffs. Forecasting wind and rain tonight. We pulled in to the last free campground at the north end of the Trace. We arrived early in the day and still found only a few sites open. I think there are around 60 sites here and as we walked the park it looks like 80% are from Canada.
     Winds came early evening and lasted till about 10pm. During the night we had some pitter patter on the roof but nothing to keep us awake, no big rain.
     The Trace is detoured at this mile marker so when we leave in the morning we'll head east over to I-65 to get around Nashville.

April 6, Thursday 2017 - Meriwether Lewis campground to Shepherdsville, KY  Grandma's RV $31 miles 241 gas $2.29 
    Light rain to start the day and that continued throughout most of the day. Got to Nashville about 10:15am and found traffic light with no problems. Lots of truck traffic and a moderate wind out of the west (broadside.) We were happy to reach Shepherdsville to unwind. We called ahead to insure a campsite but never got an answer on their phone. When we pulled onto the campground we were happy to see several open sites, but again no one home the was closed. I pulled onto a campsite and tried to figure out what to do before connecting up. Soon another camper pulled in to the adjacent site. I went over and talked with them and they had the same scenario 'Tried calling all day no answer don't know what to do'. I walked through the campground and found a couple of campers and asked if they knew what was going on? They explained they don't usually come to the office till sometime between 4-6pm. (It's only 2:30pm now) They went on to suggest to just take a site there shouldn't be a problem. So we just sat tight till after 4 and there was no problem.
     The rain stopped short time after Nashville but we still had some wind for the rest of the ride. Temperatures are in the 40°s, it's cold out side. Going down th the low 30°s tonight but bright day tomorrow and warming temperatures hmm....

April 7, Friday 2017 - Shepherdsville, KY  to Coldwater, MI   Branch Cnty Fairgrounds $20  miles 360 gas $2.25 
    Cold and sunshine this morning, suppose up to warm today. Spent a lot of time on the phone today, received several calls questioning whether we've been sucked up by a tornado or blown away by high winds that have been reported on TV, since there has been no Journal entries for the past few days.. I had to explain the entries are here it's just the wifi that's missing.
     Talked with Dick about our stopping at Jayco Service to investigate bathroom floor repair, I asked him who should I see there since he's had a ton of problems with their new rig. Dick gave me a name and also offer his place to help with repairs, I thank him but I was mostly interested in his repair knowledge since he' worked so much with RVs.
     First stop was at Jayco Service in Middlebury IN, to talk about bathroom floor damage. We talked for some time when the service manage gave me a number of a local RV repairman that they call on at times. We drove and talked with the the repair man named Al, who wrote up a quote much less than Jayco. Jayco for complete repair, $8 to $10K. Al, the local repair concern, $1,400 for localized area repair.
     After all the repair talk Mom suggested the Blue Gate for a chicken dinner, the first dinner out since leaving Texas a week ago. The Blue Gate was packed, after we got seated the crowed started lining up outside. This is the largest crowd, in off season, I ever seen in Shipshewana.
     Since it was only 6:30pm and none of the campgrounds were open here we decided to drive up to Coldwater MI and camp at the county fair ground where we can get electric. We were settled in by 7:30pm and now were ready for the final leg of our trip Home!....

April 8, Saturday 2017 - Coldwater, MI   Branch County Fairgrounds  to Home 
    Oh it's crispy this morning, awoke to 33° . Good news though, we are bringing sunshine and warmer weather, high to be 66° today..
     Overall trip review:
    General overall view, this year's trip south was not as good as we had hoped for. We've had numerous highlights, thanks to John & Anita, but equally as many lowlights, Mom's Texas cough that lasted the entire vacation (no sore mussels, no fever, no upset stomach, just a cough..) We still danced, we still ate out everyday, and did just a little sightseeing. I caught Mom's cough for a couple weeks and don't you know we both were with this cough when the girls came down to visit for a week. We were able to get around some but sure lacked enthusiasm. Problems with the motor-home, bathroom floor damage and the water pump wire added to the lowlight. This year problems lead to the longest stay at a single location since we've been vacationing.

    On the upside, the weather was the best and most stable we ever experienced  here in Texas.









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