This page is dedicated to

 links and videos

 that Fascinate me!

Graphene (pdf)  
Quantum Levitation (you-tube)   Terrorist (how it happens)
Bloom Box (super electricity generator)   Greed in the 1990s (wake up America)
  USS Montana (fun aboard ship)
Harmonic Motion (pendulum in motion)  2006   Flight Deck (panorama of discovery)
Space Station (inside fun)   Gobekli Tepe-12,000 years old  (you-tube)
The Final Mission  (power point)   Alternative Energy Deep-Ocean Vents
Exciting Aircraft  w/music (power point)   Circuit Fun   (power point)
Caves & Caverns  (power point)   Old Detroit   (power point)
Our Space Program   (power point)   Horse & Mule Power   (power point)
Old City Suprise  (power point)   Normandia Then & Now  (power point)
Old America  pictures (power point)   Coal Mines 1908-1935   (power point)
USA Early On   pictures (power point)   Surrealistic   (power point)
Selfridge Air Force Base   (power point)   Underwater   (power point)
Big Brother is watching! (electric meters) 2011   Vacations Plans   (power point)
Vatican-Basilica Papale 2010   Fantastic Model   (you-tube)
Sistine Chapel 360   2010