Our pooches (Schnauzers) are good travelers and have made for some very good times..

Gypsy is up in years now So Dieter has joined our Family as a Christmas gift.


While traveling:

Monday, February 16, 2004  - Gulfport, MS

A sad day it is, Gypsy can't stand up. We held her up to no avail. We rub her down fed her an aspirin but she just lay in her bed all day. She was shaking a little we have her in her sweater but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Even Dr. Dieter seems to know something is wrong he gives her a passing kiss but doesn't even bite her. He pretty much left her alone all day.


Friday, April 2, 2004  - Camp Verde AZ

How's Dieter doing you asked?  I'm glad you asked, Every time Mom leaves with Gypsy Dieter sits and waits looking out the window. He has chewed my favorite pen. He chewed my camera case. Dieter chewed the power cord for the computer.  Now Gypsy never chewed on anything not even dogs bones, not until Dieter arrived now they chew dog bones together. Thank goodness we have a cage, we have things worked out to a science. Dieter sleeps in the cage, Gypsy out. During the day while we are in, Dieter is out Gypsy is in. And, when we tour Dieter is in Gypsy can be trusted to behave so she is out. So far everything is A-OK.


Saturday, April 3, 2004  - Camp Verde   to   Meteor Park AZ

 Grocery shopping. 45 minutes go by and here comes Mom with a cart of stuff. Well now it's past lunch and low and behold in the grocery cart is a half of a slab of cooked ribs. I immediately dig in while Mom put MOST of the stuff away. We are both going to town on these delicious ribs hardly a sound is being made until Mom says, "Dieter has been quite way too long, where is he?" I turned to see five pounds of ground beef that had been left on the cage near the door, now only weighs four pounds.


Back at home:

Gypsy 1989 - 2005
      Sadness engulfed the Oshnock household this Tuesday (Aug 23rd) with the recent passing of pet Schnauzer, Gypsy.  A loving pet for over 15 years who always greeted family with exuberant affection every time we returned home.  In recent times her exuberance diminished to long hours of sleep.  Her health gave way to arthritis to where she could no longer standup.  For over a year she had to be carried out doors to do her business.  In the final days we knew it was time and we think she knew it too.  Taking her to the vet I told Carol to wait in the car.  Moments later Mom came in to say goodbye.  As she held Gypsy on her lap Gypsy raised her head and gave Carol a kiss on the cheek.  Dr. Bankstahl knelt beside her saying comforting words to Gypsy.  Gypsy recognized her long time enemy and appeared to forgive him by raising her head and kissing him on his cheek.  She went quickly and quietly as our tears flowed

     Upon returning home Schnauzer Dieter ran to greet us with insatiable barking jumping and exuberant enthusiasm.  Life goes on..

On the road again

Wednesday, February 9, 2005  Natchez, MS
You know every trip has it's memorable moments. It seems when traveling the states or the world for that matter there's always one day on any trip that stays with you forever. Well today, I'm sure, is that day. First thing this morning as we're readying ourselves to tour, with trips back and forth to the car, someone did not slam the screen door tight.  While we were both inside making ready Dieter bumped the screen and it open and closed. He paused for a second then pushed the screen door open and to his surprise it swung way open and boogied he did. Faster than greased lightning with  no map or particular direction he was gone heading directly for the expressway. I leaped to my feet grabbing a handful of treats in hot pursuit. Momís right behind me. I shouted back to her get the car. I was off and running toward the shoulder where Dieter was already flying down towards the Mississippi river and the bridge to Louisiana. I looked back, still no Carol and Dieter is now on direct course for the street. I jumped onto he street with arms a waving and pointing to STUPID dog weaving across the two lanes of traffic. Cars slowed and began stopping. Here comes an 18 wheeler a flying, I jumped almost in front of him with arms a waving, he slowed. Here comes Carol, I direct here to the left lane as Dieter is some 300 feet ahead and on his way to Louisiana across the bridge. The cars and trucks are stopping and a man in small pickup has his door open. Nope Dieter turns and is heading back towards Mom, The Horizon's door flings open as Dieter flies by. Now Mon is stuck she has to cross the bridge and who knows how far before there is a turn around. Dieter heads towards me weaving from lane to lane, I run across the two lanes to the median and try to close the gap. Now the median is some two hundred feet wide and Dieter is heading for it. I raised my voice and call "Dieter!". He's not breaking stride. Fortunately at the point close to the bridge on the opposing side, there is a three foot high cement barrier. Dieter eyes the obstacle and turns towards me. With treats in hand as he's coming towards me at high speed I extend my handful of treats and shout Dieter TREATS!". He whizzed by me at 37 MPH only to slow and turn and look back at me. I immediately went to the familiar crouch with extended hand and said "Dieter COME!". Recognizing the  position and treats he came blazing back to me. I picked him up as I gave him the treat and said in a clam reassuring manner "You little son-of----- your going to be the death of me.."  Dog for sale cheap!!  

You know it's only 9:15 am, more later...


Saturday January 13th  Port Aransas TX 2007
Dieter Dieter Dieter. He is a great dog... BUT.  

Gloomy is the day, started off with a nice beach walk, freighter observation, and area car ride. Upon returning from the car ride Dieter could see a Doberman roaming freely around the mostly empty campground. Naturally he's hard pressed against the car window slobbering it all up. The Doberman is some 100 yards away but Dieter loves big and black. I exited the car and was opening the camper when I noticed a black streak out of the corner of my eye. I turned towards Mom who was standing at the car with the back door open, "Dieter got out!"  Groan.  I could see down field he was all over the Doberman. The couple attending the free reigned dog seem un-concerned. Mom drove over and of course the wonderful pooch came right to her.

Now here is where I need the dog whisper. Example: The other day we are on the beach and turned the mute loose to roust the flocks of beach birds. Of course he goes nuts trying to jump into the air and bite the birds. As he runs the birds obligingly fly another twenty feet away. So in a matter of minutes he's chased them some 200 feet down the beach with extra long leash in tow. I nice lady who was so far away I could barely see was waving with dog leash in hand. He's in the middle of a car/people area and no birds, so as I close in and call his name he tugs the leash and comes to me. Now question, after taken the reward does he think the reward is for coming to me or for wildly barking and chasing birds?

Friday February 9th  Pharr TX 2007
Mom took Dieter out upon returning home (after dark) and met his friend Abbey (Schnauzer) out back. They played for ten minutes then Dieter bounded up our stairs into the house. In short order Dieter could not stand. We thought he picked up some burrs which he always does, we found nothing.  His right side seemed paralyzed. I petted him seemingly relaxing him and put him to bed.

Saturday February 10th Pharr TX 2007
Heart break day. Mom slept with Dieter last night, on the couch. Dieter was not navigating any better this morning. His whole right side seemed not to be functioning. We found a local vet and were there by 8:15am. We met Dr. Justin Cerelli, a young man well spoken and a very concern doctor. We told him of what happened and as we weighed Dieter in he immediately picked up on how Dieter could not stand on his own and the condition of his right leg. He told the technician to get x-rays.
Dr. Cerelli explained the x-rays, showing us slipped disk in his lower spine and another just below the neck. He said Dieter is in no pain. He has no feeling in his paws on the right side and slight feeling on the left side. He explained the various tests he preformed in determining Dieter's sensitivity.
The heartbreaking news, "We could send him to the university for spinal operation with no guarantee of a positive out come."  "This examination and operation would cost five to six thousand dollars."  I asked for his opinion of the operation. He replied  "If money were not the question, and in Dieter's best interest, I don't think the out come would be satisfactory for Dieter."  We talked for a long time about all possibilities and direction, there appeared to be no easy solution. I talked to him about consulting with our vet back home. He responded "please do," as he escorted us to his office and he dialed Dr. Bankstahl for me. I spoke with the technician who conferred with the doctor and after a long consultation, everything confirmed euthanasia. 
Tears tears and more tears as we held Dieter for over an hour. It's a heart wrenching good bye.  Dieter Was just over two years old..

Some time has past now itís Motherís Day 2007 and Bindi arrivedÖ