I sure would like to post the left half of this picture.

To the best of my recollection (at age 63) here are my classmates names phonically of course

Top row left to right.

Beth Berns-Cecile Rosteck-Melanie Revaz-Bobby Jennings-Ernie Popek-Jeanny Dest-Joseph Heska-Johnny Fussel-Helen Matts-Me-Diane Novak-Ken Kraszick- Nancy Watchowsky

Diana Patroske-Donna Fritz-Framk Catalano-Sue Plawchan-Richard Fiori-Bill Ferguson-Kathleen Drost-Fred Cathers-Janet Wright-Stanley Budgakowsky

Others in the class not pictured here:

Richard Hudak -  Richard Bandos - Frances Karpinski - Rosalie Sokol

Grade School Marion Law 1944-1952

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Richard Hudak-Roger Blakely-John Fussel-Peter Genick

Paul Dest & Dick Heike

Helen  Matts

Diane Novak

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Rich Rob ? Frank
Delbert Jim Jim

Diane Novak & Rich Hudak

Helen Ceil Donna Sue Kathy Beth

Stan Ernie Bill

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Nancy Dallas Denery-Dale Hubbert-Dick 
Bandose-Stan- Ernie
Jim Ken Bob Rob Dick Ron Billy


Halloween 1949

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