Michalina (Madziar) Mroz        July 6, 1889   /  June 22, 1981

Our grandmother, Busha, wrote this note in 1965 at the age of 76. It was discovered after she died in 1981.  It should be noted that Busha had on occasion "predictions/foresight" of things to come. In her note below she asks her daughters to look after their younger brother during sad times. Uncle Roman, their brother, required nursing home care in his later years due to dementia, a very sad time.

This is a translation from her hand written note in Polish.



Dear and beloved children,

In time when I 'm not here and leave you forever, because this will happen. So please do not ignore my request. If anything is left after I'm gone do not cause a fuss among yourselves. Set an example for others that a family should live in harmony. What ever sells and brings in cash this you will be able to share, so that my children will not be gossiped about by strangers. Good or bad should be (kept) in the family. There is a Polish proverb "It is the devil not a bird who messes in his nest." However my dears I do not expect that of you. I was happy with you all my life and loved all of you grandchildren and great grandchildren. That love will be with me to the last moments of my life, unless my conscious leaves me I will only think of you. You as sisters do not forget to comfort your brother during sad times.

Your loving mother
I live only for you.